Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Rugs

The five on top are the ones I wove at the Walk through Bethlehem. Actually, I only started the fifth one there and finished it at home after my loom was returned. Those five were woven with cut up t-shirts. The bottom five were woven with some stuff that a friend got from a pajama factory years ago. This is the first year I have used a striped warp - I like it! They vary in length depending on how much there was of a particular color or shade. Counting from the top, numbers 1, 3, and 5 are all white, but not exactly the same shade. Number 2 is black and number 4 is dark blue.

On Tuesday, I plan to take them to The Lighthouse women's shelter in Mayfield to see if anyone there wants them. If not, I will take them to the Paducah Cooperative Ministries on Wednesday for women in the Fresh Start Village. I think I have some knit things I can take, too. 

I put on a 12-yard warp with no thought to whether that many rugs would fit on the cloth beam. They did, with about half an inch to spare. Last year, when we were able to do all five nights, I almost ran out of the 8-yard warp I had put on; that's why I put on 12 yards this time,

Monday, December 3, 2018

Over for this year

The Walk through Bethlehem was cancelled both Friday and Saturday. Although the weather in the 6 to 8 pm time slot on Saturday was not bad, it had poured rain through much of the night Friday night/Saturday morning. The men of the church worked throughout the day Saturday diverting rain water from the village. They even build a bridge at the entrance. By Sunday evening, things were good enough for us to go ahead. I guess they were afraid their bridge wouldn't hold the garden tractor and trailer they move my loom with, so two men carried it between the entrance and my stall. Good thing I'm the first stall inside the gate. 

Pastor Steve brought my loom and other stuff home this morning. Now I need to weave a couple more rugs to finish off the 12-yard warp.

Since we only did three nights instead of five, there is a lot of stuff left over. I had made 387 miniature rugs - 220 are left. I also had 366 two-inch squares - 310 remain. That means I won't need to make as many next year. I keep saying each year that I am going to weave some scarves; maybe this will be the time I actually do. I might learn more about weaving that way.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Two down, three to go

Nights of the Walk through Bethlehem at the Nazarene Church in Mayfield KY, that is. Wednesday night was cold (35 F), but last night was comfortable (52 F). It looks like we may be rained out tonight, but I think Saturday and Sunday will be OK.

Someone took my picture Wednesday night and posted it on FaceBook. I swiped it to post here. I'm the one weaving and my daughter, Carmen, is the merchant in the rug stall.
At least for weaving I can wear fingerless gloves with hand warmers inside, so only my fingers got cold. I felt sorry for the potter; not only could she not wear gloves, she was working with wet clay. Her hands were completely red when we finished.

This is the tenth year I've done this event. I enjoy it - the weaving, the talking about weaving to the visitors to 'Bethlehem'.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

I'm here, I think

Once again it has been about six weeks since I posted. Things have been a bit hectic, and I've done a lot of driving back and forth to Metropolis. Sara and her girls moved in with Alyssa, but Sara was not doing what she was supposed to, so now only Lily and Calla are there, and Rose is back in New Jersey with her father.

The Fall Festival was interesting. The club decided that they wanted to put my 'critters' in the Country Store, rather than use them in the fishing booth, so I had to price them. Only a couple of them sold - people don't want to pay $5 or $10 when most of the items on the tables are one tenth of that. The dishcloths and hotpads sold at $2 or $3. I took the 'critters' that were left, along with some scarves to the craft sale at church. I don't know if they sold there or not. I told them to donate any that didn't sell to Paducah Cooperative Ministries for them to use however they saw fit.

The next thing coming up soon is the Walk through Bethlehem that I've been doing since 2008. I have 386 miniature rugs (mugrugs/coasters) and 366 2-inch squares for the kids to 'buy' with the 'shekels' they are given when they enter the village. Pray for good weather - no wind or rain, and temperatures around 50. I have the loom warped and ready for someone to pick up on Wednesday morning. The Walk is Wednesday through Sunday next week, 6 to 8 pm.

Monday, October 15, 2018

572 miles

That's how far I drove last week. I know my grandson-in-law probably drives at least twice that much every week as part of his job, but I'm retired. And the only time I was more than 40 miles from my house, I was riding with someone else.

It started on Sunday when I picked Rose up to spend the night with me. Monday morning I took her to the dentist in Lone Oak for a filling, then to Mayfield for basketball practice, and on to lunch in Paducah and over to Metropolis for Brady's birthday party, and of course home again after the party.

We combined his party with a 50th anniversary celebration for my brother and sister-in-law. For their anniversary on June 22, they did something novel. Instead or having a party at or near their home in Florida, they sent $50 bills to our sisters and me and I have no idea who else, asking us to celebrate with people who are special to us, and to send them pictures. I held onto that bill until my western KY/southern IL family were able to get together. Then I gave it to Alyssa and Stephen to help pay for the pizza, sodas, etc. for Brady's bityhday party. Here is the picture:

The adults and teen-agers, left to right: Stephen, Devin, Lexi, Alyssa, Rose, Lanny (Carmen's friend), and Carmen holding Calla. In front are: Brady, me holding a sign Alyssa made, Lily, and Brady's girlfriend Charlotte.

There were several other people there, as well, and I told them they were welcome to get in the picture, but they opted not to. Stephen's father took the picture.

Sara was missing, and Reggie, and of course the New Jersey gang.

Back to the week's driving: I've forgotten exactly how things went, but since it was fall break all week for Rose and Lily, I was helping with them and was back and forth to Metropolis and Mayfield several times.

Then on Saturday I went to a high school marching band competition in Sikeston MO. That's the time I rode with friends - Lexi's grandparents. Since we could not go the way people from this area usually go to Sikeston, because the bridge over the Ohio River between Wickliffe KY and Cairo IL is closed for repair, we went to Metropolis and followed the buses and equipment trailers. Then we sat in the football stadium for about four hours watching bands of various sizes do their thing. The temperature was in the low 50's. After about three hours, when I went to the ladies room, I had trouble unbuttoning my jeans because my fingers were so cold. I had started knitting a scarf on the trip over, but certainly couldn't work on it while we were there.

The Massac County band places third in their class, and their drum major placed first!

Here are my two trumpeters, Devin and Lexi:

Afterwards, we joined the band for supper at Lambert's (home of throwed rolls). Even though we had a reservation, we had to wait over an hour to get in, because a couple of the other bands were there, too. Lambert's stayed open past their usual closing time to serve us.

Then we followed the buses back to Metropolis. It was 1:45 before I got home. It was a very interesting day.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Monthly (?) Update

I continue to work on things for the Fall Festival, although when I finish a snake (the 3rd) I'm working on, I think that will be all for the Fishing Booth. I may make more dishcloths and hotpads for the Country Store. Here are most of the critters I've knit and crocheted.

 This octopus pattern is from a group who make them for premature babies. The babies seem to like to hold onto the curly legs. It is surmised that they feel like the umbilical cord to them. Carmen has requested that I make a pink one for a co-worker's baby (not premie)
One of my knitting friends made the orange fish. Although it doesn't look like it in the picture, she did a better job with this pattern than I did. The fish on the back row are all from other people's patterns, but the two in front I made up as I went along.
These cats all have the same amount of stitches - just the size of yarn and needles changed. When Alyssa showed Brady the pictures that I posted on FaceBook, he asked her to call me so he could tell me he wants a cat like the largest one, but in blue and black. I don't have any yarn with blue and black in the same ball, so this is what I cane up with:
I don't know if it matches what he's thinking of or not. I suggested to Alyssa that she have him draw and color what he has in mind.

On to the rest of the critters.

Four knit and four crocheted. the biggest and smallest are both knit with the same amount of stitches, just different size yarn and needles. 
When I took the picture, only the gray striped snake (knit) was complete. Since then, I have finished the solid gray (crocheted), and have done a bit more on the green one (knit).

The squid is my own pattern. I looked at a lot of pictures of the actual creature online, and read descriptions, and this is what I came up with. I have made a second one, as well.

I've also been weaving more mugrugs. 190 completely woven, so far, although 40 of them need to be zigzagged across both ends to keep them from unraveling. I'm almost finished with another 8-yard warp - 35 to 40 pieces. I'm using up a bunch of 'stuff' - mostly old t-shirts friends and relatives have given me and yarns I don't like to knit with.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

I'm still here

My brother reminded me a couple of weeks ago that I haven't posted for a looooong time. And now it's been even longer. Things have been a bit topsy-turvy here this summer. My granddaughter Sara and her three girls spent a few weeks with me. My house is not really big enough for that many people. A lot of their stuff is still here, but they are in a women's shelter in Mayfield now. Rose (almost 13) was pushing for that, because she realizes that her mom can get some help there that I couldn't give her - with things like employment and housing.

Rose is also glad to be at Mayfield Middle School where she knows a few people rather than Carlisle County Middle School where she knows noone. I don't think Lily (age 6) was concerned about where she goes to school. And Calla (age 3) is too young for school yet, although she went to Vacation Bible School with her cousin during the summer, and was very impressed that she went to school. I don't understand 3-year-old speech very well, but that word came out loud and clear. During the program at the end of the week, she turned a couple of somersaults while they were singing their songs.

Here is what Lily and Calla looked like on Lily's first day of first grade. Don't know why Rose was not included on her first day of seventh grade.

The following week, school started in Metropolis. Lexi is a senior this year, and Brady is in kindergarten. He's only 3 months younger that Lily, but the cut-off date is September 30 and his birthday is October 8.
For a retiree, I keep fairly busy. I have two fiber-arts groups that meet every week and two more that meet monthly. I really enjoy spending time with other people who knit, crochet, weave, spin, etc. I mostly knit, but I did weave a dozen placemats for my granddaughter-in-law recently. Now I'm working on 300+ (I hope) mugrugs for this year's Walk through Bethlehem. This event is something I've enjoyed participating in annually since 2008. I have 75 mugrugs completed so far, with a third 8-yard warp ready to wind onto the loom. I also have 350 2-inch squares for the Walk, and Rose has one of my Weave-it looms and some yarn to make more.

I recently joined the local Homemakers group and discovered that they put on a Fall Festival in late October each year. I've been here in Milburn 15 years (I think) and have never gone to it. I'm knitting and crocheting dishcloths and hotpads/pot holders for the Country Store booth, and little animals for the fishing booth. For the dishcloths and hotpads, I'm using up the rest of the second cone of Peaches and Cream cotton from the placemats I wove for Jaimee. Here are the little critters I've done so far:
Actually, I'm still working on the snake. I also have another fish on the needles, as well. Rose has the Owl Puff pattern and may get some of those done for me. They take me very little time, but then I've been knitting since 1963/64; she's only been knitting a couple of years.

I entered a shawl in the county fair this year; it had been several years since I entered anything. I got a blue ribbon on it, which is probably not a big deal, since it is such a small county.
I came up with this design a few years ago, and have made several like it.