Saturday, June 3, 2017

Once Again . . .

I haven't posted for a month - maybe I've been busy? Not particularly, although there have been band concerts and ball games.

The band Lexi and Devin play trumpets in had their usual concert at the school on May 8, then three days later, the Jazz Band, which Lexi is part of, played at a Mexican restaurant. In between there, on May 9, Lily graduated from pre-school. Brady's pre-school doesn't do a graduation. I guess they will both be in kindergarten next school year.

Then the t-ball and softball games started. Both Lily and Brady are in t-ball. I haven't been to any of Brady's games yet, but I have gone to several of Lily's. I've also been to several of Rose's softball games.  

Here is the May section of the temperature scarf:
We had mostly 70's (bright pink) and 80's (red), with a few 60's (light pink), and even two 50's (orange) at the beginning of the month. I guess we'll start having 90's soon.