Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This one's for you, Dominic!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Shawls and Cabbages

I finished the shawl for Carmen's co-worker and will be mailing it to Carmen soon. Now I am working on one in Red Heart Collage in the Blue Wave colorway. I finished the first ball of yarn yesterday and joined the second one. After about an inch I realized that the second ball was wound the opposite direction from the first, so the colors sequence was reversing. This yarn was bought on a closeout sale and these two balls are not of the same dyelot, but with this yarn it really doesn't matter - at lease not in this project. However, I do want the color sequence to be the same throughout. So I removed the needle, ripped out to the row where I joined the balls, put the work back on the needle, cut out the several inches of my Russian join, and pulled yarn out of the middle of the second ball (I had worked the first one from the outside in, so this one had to be worked from the inside out to get the same color sequence). I had to wind off several yards of yarn into a ball to get to the right color. I was doing all this while watching Lexi's gymanstics class. I doubt that any of the others in the gallery were watching me, but if anyone did glance over, they probably wondered what that crazy lady was doing.

The kids in Lexi's class have been given cabbage seedlings to plant and care for. The one who produces the largest cabbage will get a $1,000 scholarship for college. Her dad and his girlfriend wanted to take the seedling to the girlfriend's mother, who is a good gardener, for her to raise. Alyssa convinced Lexi that doing that would be cheating - I'm sure part of the purpose of the project is for the kids to learn about caring for plants. Alyssa had called and asked if I had some chicken wire to make a little fence around the plant to protect it. Of course I do - well, not chicken wire exactly - I think the stuff I found in the shed is called rabbit fencing. I took some of it to them yesterday. 


Nothing new to report. That's good isn't it?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I took this picture Wednesday morning on the way down my driveway. Aren't they beautiful?! Spring is on its way.

 Here's one of the shawls I finished recently. I forgot to take pictures of others.  It may not be quite this bright, but almost. It's old wool yarn that was donated to the church for the shawl ministry.

 And here is a laprobe which was started from the center, and worked out, increasing at the corners. When people saw me working on it on a circular needle, they always assumed it was round. The square shape wasn't obvious until I bound off.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It can't be March

because the 'March flowers' (daffodils) haven't started blooming. They usually start at the very end of February or beginning of March. My calendar says that it is March 6, but I haven't seen any daffodils yet. The foliage is up and even some of the flower buds, but no yellow flowers. Yesterday, when I came home from Mayfield, I stopped at the end of the driveway and walked across the road to get the mail. I heard frogs in the ditches 'talking' to each other. That sounds like spring - but where are the daffodils?!?