Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good Deed for the Day

Not mine - I was the recipient. About 12:15, I heard voices in my yard. It was Lexi's grandfather and his friend. They had brought two riding lawn mowers and made pretty quick work of my yard. My little mower started right off for Bobby for him to get a couple of places he couldn't with the riding one. I think I just don't have the strength to start it sometimes.

The yard certainly looks better! With all the rain we've been getting, the grass and weeds had gotten quite tall. Now it looks like we will get more rain tonight and they are forecasting rain for the next two days. At least we had two nice days. It was dry enough that I was able to take the girls to a playground after picking Lexi up from school yesterday. Lexi was in the car with me when Rose came up crying because some boy was throwing mulch at her. I was proud of Lexi for volunteering to go back with Rose to be her protector. The boy had been throwing mulch at everyone, even the adults.

Friday, April 29, 2011

More Yard Work

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted last!

On Saturday, I wanted to mow again, but couldn't get the mower started. Instead, I crawled around under the roses and nandino, cutting down four small volunteer trees of some sort. I say small, but they were over six feet tall, just not very big around, although two of them were too thick for the long-handled pruners. I had to use the pruning saw. I also did a good bit of pruning on the rose bushes. I was wearing a sweatshirt and gloves (along with jeans, socks and sneakers, of course), but got a couple of scratches on my wrists.  When I was getting ready for bed that night I found one quarter-inch 'bruise' on my right arm. Last year both arms would have been purple.

Rose was with me all day today. We did some work on and around the two pine trees in the yard. There were some volunteer trees of various kinds under them that I was cutting, mostly with the long-handled pruners. Three or four were tall enough that they were growing up into the branches of the pine. I couldn't get them out from my position on the ground, so I managed to hand the bases to Rose and she pulled them out. I also sawed off the limbs that the boys next door broke about four years ago. They were about 8 and 10 at the time, and tried to climb the tree. The tree wasn't big enough at that time for climbing. While I was doing these things, Rose was using the regular pruners and trimming off tips of a bunch of branches. I figure whatever she could do wasn't going to harm the trees. She also dragged some of my larger trimmings to the neighbor's burn pit and piled her smaller cuttings into the wheelbarrow. She really was a big help, and it kept her occupied. (Everyone thinks my house is boring.)

Again today I was wearing a sweatshirt and gloves. I got one half-inch bruise on my right arm and two on my left. One of the ones on the left got scraped open and bled for a bit. Fortunately, the sweatshirt is navy blue, so the blood doesn't show. It feels good to be able to do these things, even though I don't have the stamina I had a few years ago. I just hope I can continue to mow, prune, etc.

This was a busy week with the little ones. I think I picked Lexi up from school three times and Rose, twice. I also took each of them to school once. That means I was in Mayfield every day. I visited the Senior Center and the Art Guild a couple of times each. I didn't go to Paducah at all - I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find a parking space with all the visitors in town for the quilt show. The weather was also a factor.

We had a lot of rain, wind, lightning and thunder. The ruts in my driveway have been rearranged, and my herb garden was a pool most of the week, but I have no damage. Bardwell, the county seat town, which is about eleven miles from me had a lot of wind damage last weekend. Last I heard, they were still trying to determine if there was a tornado there. I think it was Sunday that the county emergency notification system told everyone who lives near a creek to prepare to evacuate, although I don't think they ever did require evacuation. The county school didn't have classes on Monday, but did go the rest of the week. Milburn is high enough that we really don't need to worry about flooding, but from here it goes mainly down to the Mississippi River, about fifteen miles away. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rose's art

When we left the Art Guild last Friday, I didn't pay any attention to what Rose did with her drawing. When I went there Tuesday morning, it was still lying on the work table. Not bad for 5 1/2, is it?

Monday evening, I discovered a message in my voice mail from my primary care doctor's office, so I called there Tuesday. The radiologist had seen something questionable on my mammogram, so he wanted a re-do of the left breast. I had that done yesterday. The order was for the re-do of the x-ray and then an ultrasound if indicated by the x-ray. The tech did three or four shots, rolling the breast various ways. Then she had me wait while she took the pictures to the radiologist. When she returned, she said I was free to go, no ultrasound needed. She said she'd see me next year, so I guess everything's OK.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I mowed!

I know that doesn't seem like any big deal, but last summer I was not able to do it. I made one pass across the fenced area of the back yard (maybe 50 feet) and thought I wasn't going to make it back to the porch. Yesterday, after I finally got the mower started I mowed out one tank full of gas, which usually takes about 45 minutes. It felt good! If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'll do more.

After doing that mowing, I picked Rose up at the front door of the school, then drove around to the side of the building and waited for Lexi to get out of cheerleading practice. Rose played on the 'big kids' playground while we waited. You can see the size of the equipment in comparison to her, but she handles it just fine. 

After playing for a while, she decided to rest a bit. 

When Lexi came out, we went to Paducah for her gymnastics class. Rose thinks the gymnastics looks like fun. It was almost 8 o'clock when we got home, and I was thinking of bed even if the girls weren't.

This morning I had to get up at 6 o'clock. I'm not used to that now, although I did it for many, many years. We left here about 6:45 and went to Lexi's grandparents' house for her Nana and Aunt Courtney to put her 'cheer curls' in her hair (I don't do hair, except a simple brushing). She had to wear them and part of her cheerleading uniform because of a pep rally this afternoon. We got her to school at 8, and then Rose and I came back home until about 10:30. I had planned for us to do some yard work, but it was raining.

About 10:30 we headed back to Mayfield to the hospital. I had an 11 am appointment for a mammogram. When that was finished, I told Rose that I had brought some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and suggested that we eat them in the hospital cafeteria. She didn't like that idea, and suggested we go to the Art Guild. So we went there. I ate my sandwich, but she never did eat hers. Instead she 'read' some books from the 'books and bargains corner' and colored.

At about 12:45, we left to go to the elementary school for the pep rally. The cheerleaders did their routine, The theme of the rest of the event was 'Happy Days.' There was a dance contest by the teachers, a Fonzie look-alike competition by the boys, and a spoof of the teachers by some students. It ended with the cheerleaders, now dressed as 1950's teenagers, jitterbugging. They've been learning how to do that all week in their daily practice sessions. That's Lexi with her back to us. She still has her 'cheer curls' in and is wearing a white blouse that belongs to her Aunt Courtney (not tooo much to big), and a gray skirt her Nana made for her this week with a nice flair at the bottom.

After that, Sara met us at the school to take Rose home and Alyssa met us at the bank to take Lexi with her to Metropolis. So I'm alone again.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two doctor's appointments today, and I still was finished in time to knit with my friends at the coffee shop.

Dr Heine said that my mouth is healing well, but I need to continue using the Peridex rinse.

Dr Winkler said that all of my numbers are good. He will put me back on a small (maintenance) dose of Revlimid in the future, but not until my mouth is completely healed.

They both want to see me again in two months.

I didn't make it to the church service, because I got out of Dr Heine's office too late, but I did drop the two baptism blankets off at the church.

I got out of Dr Winkler's office before 2 o'clock, so I headed to the coffee shop. It was a very small group today - just Pam, Sandy, Annie, Valarie (of course - it's her shop), and me. The number doesn't really matter. It's just nice to get with other knitters.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Latest finished projects

 This is one of the blankets that will be given to a baby baptised at Grace Church at Easter. Each of the nine block had a different motif on it. The ones on this blanket are: chalice, crown, butterfly (symbol of the Holy Spirit), shell (at Grace, a shell is used to pour the water on the baby's head), cross, chi-rho, heart, fish (I didn't have space to write the ichthus in it), and star of David.

This red random shawl has many yarns in it in shades of red and a bit of black. The eyelash yarns make it feel very soft and luxurious. This shawl will be in the group for Lexi and Rose to choose from for their teachers. Since Mayfield Schools' colors are red and black, I expect one of them will select this one.

 Now blooming:

The lilac is in full bloom. It smells wonderful. Also smelling wonderful, but I didn't photograph it, is the holly. The little girls stay far away from holly when it is blooming, because it is then also covered with bees.

The dogwood has no significant fragrance, but it sure is beautiful. This is quite an old tree and had some damage from the ice storm two years ago, but is still pretty magnificent.
 Much smaller, but large for what it is: bleeding heart. That's the air conditioner unit behind it, and you can see a little hosta under the left side. There is a lot of hosta along that north end of the house.

I almost stepped on this little guy. Isn't he cute. I love seeing the fauna of my yard.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Libby to the rescue!

Wednesday after the service, I told Libby (our rector) that Jane had told me the dishcloths were in the gift shop. I said that some of them were definitely NOT good enough for sale and I'd like to take them out. After I finish the blankets, I'd be glad to make some dishcloths if they really want them in the gift shop. Libby replied, "Right now, they are on the conference table in my office. I'm going to put them back in the kitchen. The men will be cooking breakfast this Sunday. They will use them, and after they are 'broken in,' others will use them, too." I breathed a sigh of relief. 

A few years ago, when I told my cousin Michelle that Libby was the new rector at Grace Church, she said, "Libby is awesome!" AMEN!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I saw a robin today!

It must be spring!
This is spring vacation for Lexi and Rose. Lexi will be here some of the time, of course, and I've told Sara I'm available all week to care for Rose if she needs me to.

Rose was here from Thursday night until this afternoon. She helped me with some yardwork on Friday (preschool is only four afternoons a week), and again yesterday. She really wasn't too happy when I let Lexi go to play with a couple of the neighbor girls, but I know that the nine- and ten-year-olds don't want a five-year-old tagging along.

Rose, Lexi and I went to church this morning. It was only the second time Rose had been there, and Lexi and I had not been for a long time (I've been going to the Wednesday noon service instead). They spent some time on the church playground after the service.

Speaking of playgrounds: on Friday Rose and I had to pick Lexi up from school after her cheerleading practice. We got there early, and Rose played on the 'big kids' playground for about an hour while I sat in the car, knitting. The school has three playgrounds for the various levels of pupils. The one Rose's class uses is fenced in and has smaller equipment, including tricycles and scooters. I don't know what the middle one is like, because it's behind the building, where I have never gone. The one for older kids is open and has some pretty large equipment. Rose is such a little monkey that she had no problem with any of that stuff.

I'm still working on charting motifs for the baptism blankets. I have one blanket finished and a second one started, but I want each blanket to be different, so I need more designs. Thursday a week ago (that's good Southern terminology), when I went to the Vintage Grace luncheon for those of us in the church who are 'vintage', I took half a dozen of the dishcloths I had made to test my charts to donate to the church kitchen. This morning, one of the women told me they had put the cloths in the church gift shop because they were too good for the kitchen. At least two of the charts needed major adjustments at that point; I certainly didn't consider them good enough to sell! Oh well, it's out of my hands.