Wednesday, December 27, 2017

OK, Jim . . .

My brother has once again reminded me that I have been ignoring my blog. I've been doing other things, like knitting:

That is two shawls, a scarf, a baby sweater, a baptismal blanket, and finally a Christmas stocking for my youngest great-grandchild. (It's hard to believe that Violet will be one next month.) I've done other knitting as well, but those are the things I have finished and photographed.

From November 29 through December 3, I wove rugs in the rug stall at the Walk through Bethlehem in Mayfield. We had good weather. (Two nights were a bit chilly, but not cold enough to get frost on my loom as I did one year, and there was no rain or wind.) Over the five nights we had more than 3,400 visitors! I put on an 8-yard warp, figuring that would be plenty. The first night I wove a white rug and figured out how much "filler" (cut-up t-shirts) I would need for each rug. The second night I wove a gray one; the third night a blue one and started the "hem" (some cotton yarn, which will be turned under and sewn) on the fourth one. The fourth night, I finished another white one and started the fifth (blue) one. The last night, I finished that one, and didn't have enough warp left to start another one, so I just continued with the yarn I was using for the hems. I'll find some use for that bit of weaving. The amount I wove each night was directly correlated with the number of visitors - I need to weave as I talk to people about weaving. We also 'sold' about 250 each of miniature rugs (mugrugs) and 2-inch squares to the children for the 'shekels' they are given when they enter the village.

Carmen was the vendor in the stall, with help from Rose for three nights. They sold the miniature rugs for 1 shekel and the 2" squares, 4 for a shekel. On the second night, Carmen discovered that some of the kids were trading just one of the 2" squares for something at another stall which cost 1 shekel. She told the mayor (Teresa is the mayor of Mayfield, and also a very active member of the Nazarene church which puts on the Walk, so Carmen calls her the Mayor of Bethlehem, too) about that, so at our get-together in the church fellowship hall after the visitors have gone, Teresa told the other vendors about it, so it wouldn't happen again. 

After the Feast of the Epiphany, when the decorations come down, I'll hem the rugs and donate them. Then I have another weaving project I want to do before I start weaving mugrugs for 2018. I've already been weaving 2" squares while I play Words with Friends on Facebook. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Two months to go

On the temperature scarf, that is. Here's what September and October look like:

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Too Early

That's when I got up this morning. I usually sleep until 7 or 7:30 (sometimes later), but I had my alarm set for 6 today, because of the awards assembly at Rose's school. However, I woke up about 5 and hadn't gone back to sleep by 5:45, so I got up then. Carmen and I left about 6:45, picked up Sara and Calla (age 2 years, 4 months) about 7:20 and got to the school in time for the assembly. The awards were for the scores on the state tests they took in May. Afterwards, while pictures were being taken and students, parents, and teachers were milling around in the gym, the principal asked Calla if she would like one of the balloons from the table the awards had been on. He even tied it to her wrist. Carmen says he did that so we could keep up with where she was. I think she might be right.

As if my car trouble last week wasn't enough, when I turned on the furnace Tuesday morning, it initially sounded like it was starting, but then it rattled and went THUNK!. Last time I had it serviced (3 years ago), the man said that one part really needed replacing. However, he did a fix on it of some type. That part is what gave up the ghost. A new part has been ordered, and I should have a working furnace in a day or two.

They say that things come in threes - I certainly hope not; I can't afford any more. 

p.s. As of about 4 pm, I have heat.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Car Trouble

Yesterday morning I left the house about 11 am to go to church and knitting, as I usually do on Wednesday. After the noon Eucharist service, I stopped at a Family Dollar store for some antifreeze/coolant and a couple of other things. When I got back in the car and turned the key, nothing happened. I tried it a couple more times, then called AAA. I sat there knitting for almost an hour before the tow-truck came. The driver tried several things, and finally got my car running. I backed out of my parking space and headed toward the exit. I hadn't gone more than 20 feet when the car just stopped - and wouldn't start again. The tow-truck was still there, so he towed me six blocks to Mercer's garage. The woman there told me that it would be this morning at the earliest before the mechanic even looked at it, and that if the problem was more than the battery, it would be early next week before it would be ready. So I walked half a block down the street to the knitting shop (wasn't I lucky there?) for knitting group.

I texted Alyssa and asked if she or Lexi could pick me up at the shop in a couple of hours. When Lexi came, she had her boyfriend with her - I wonder if he had ever been in a yarn shop before. I had her take me to her house to spend the night there. It is only about 10 miles from the garage; my house is about 30 miles. Sleeping on the couch, fully dressed, is not the most restful, but I survived.

I also gave Carmen my tale of woe. She later suggested that if the problem was just the battery or the alternator, she could fix it herself. So this morning she picked me up from Alyssa's house, and took me to Mercer's Garage. She had discovered that her multimeter was no longer any good, so she asked our neighbor Luis if she could borrow his. He left his office and met us at the garage. When Carmen went inside to get the key, they said that they would not charge anything for the overnight parking. Carmen and Luis worked on the car for a little while, and finally took the battery out of his car and put it in mine. It started right up, so we drove about a dozen blocks to an Auto Zone store. The clerk there checked my old battery, and agreed with Carmen's and Luis' opinion that it was the problem. So now I have a new battery and less money in the bank. It was good to get home about 24 hours after I left. 

Between what I did while waiting for the tow-truck and what I did at Alyssa's house, while she and her family were off in several different directions, I got a lot done on one of my knitting projects.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Temperature Scarf - Summer

June starts at the almost-hidden pink stitch marker at the left edge. The first blue marker is at the end of June, the second one at the end of July, and the knitting needle marks the end of August. Red is for temps in the 80's, burgundy for the 90's and bright pink for 70's.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

OK, Jim

A couple of days ago, my brother sent me a screen shot (I don't know how to do that) of my last post here, reminding me that it has been almost two months. I wonder if he's the only person who reads my posts.

I've gone to a lot of T-ball and softball games during that time. Both Lily and Brady played T-ball this year, and Rose played softball. The T-ball games are a bit hard to watch - most of the kids have no idea what they are doing. They stand there and look around, and Brady liked to play in the dirt and the chalk they use to mark the field. One time when he had gotten to 2nd base and his teammate hit the ball into center field, he started running after it with the kids on the other team. 

Rose's fast-pitch softball games were more interesting. By that age, the girls understand about playing positions. Rose needs more batting practice, and another year for things to become second nature to her.

A group of 'fiber people' (knitters, crocheters, quilters) are planning to 'fiber bomb' 16 trees around Market House Square in downtown Paducah for the month of September. I have knit a couple of pieces (about 12 by 20 inches ?), plus made several crochet chains which will be wound around some of the trees. I've also made a few flowers to be tied to the chains.

I told myself that was all I was going to do for this project, but in the past week I've crocheted 8 or 10 butterflies and as many stars, and two peacock feather 'eyes'. Then on Friday, while looking for something else, I came across a few dozen knitting swatches of various sizes and wondered if they could be used. So I took them with me yesterday when I went to the yarn shop for the first sewing session. They have measured the trees and cut paper to the required sizes, marking each 'pattern' with the number of that tree on a 'map.' Saturday, the ladies were laying out the patterns one at a time, filling it with pieces that we have donated for the purpose, and sewing them together. Some of my swatches were used to fill in between larger pieces. I didn't join in the sewing, but I did grab a ball of yarn that had been donated for the project and started knitting another piece. There will be another sewing session at the end of August.

I will be making more butterflies and stars, as well. Val was tying the butterflies, flowers, etc on the crochet chains, and said she had already used all the butterflies. So I'll take the supplies for that when I go to Alyssa's for the next two weeks (house sit, cat sit, be the adult in the house with the teen-ager) while she's away on business. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Once Again . . .

I haven't posted for a month - maybe I've been busy? Not particularly, although there have been band concerts and ball games.

The band Lexi and Devin play trumpets in had their usual concert at the school on May 8, then three days later, the Jazz Band, which Lexi is part of, played at a Mexican restaurant. In between there, on May 9, Lily graduated from pre-school. Brady's pre-school doesn't do a graduation. I guess they will both be in kindergarten next school year.

Then the t-ball and softball games started. Both Lily and Brady are in t-ball. I haven't been to any of Brady's games yet, but I have gone to several of Lily's. I've also been to several of Rose's softball games.  

Here is the May section of the temperature scarf:
We had mostly 70's (bright pink) and 80's (red), with a few 60's (light pink), and even two 50's (orange) at the beginning of the month. I guess we'll start having 90's soon.

Monday, May 1, 2017

April (and a little bit of March) knitting

Just realized that again I haven't posted for over a month. That means I didn't post the March segment of my temperature scarf, so here goes both March and April.

March is between the two turquoise stitch markers in the top picture; April is to the right of the stitch marker in the bottom picture.

In April, I also completed a blue sweater for great-grandson Brady,

four shawls (I haven't photographed the fourth one yet),

and a pouch for my cell phone.

When my daughter and granddaughter bought me a cellphone a few years ago, they told me I MUST have it with me whenever I work in the yard. That one fit nicely into a little bag I had made to hold eyeglasses, so I just added 'strings' so I could tie it around my waist or wear it around my neck and over my shoulder. Last year AT&T let me know that they would no longer support that type of phone after 12/31/16. However, they would give me a new phone. The smart phone (I'm still haven't figured it all out) they gave me is wider than the old one, so I had to make a new pouch for it. I used three little balls of leftover yarn, and knit in linen stitch, which makes a firm fabric.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Mary and I usually meet at the Art Guild on Tuesdays to knit/crochet and talk. (There used to be more people involved, but others moved, or went back to work, or took on other responsibilities.) At this time of year, Mary is sometimes working as a tax preparer, so can't meet with me. I hadn't heard from her about this week, so on Tuesday morning I texted her: Knitting today?

She replied: No real busy long story how about Thursday I'm off don't think anybody wants me for anything

Me: OK. Where?

Mary: You pick just make it peaceful

Me: I don't know. My house is pretty peaceful.

Mary: Oh yes let me think then I'll give you a time

Me: OK

So she came here for a few hours of knitting/crocheting, talking, and having a nice tossed salad for lunch.

My house IS peaceful with just me and no pets. Her's has five people, two dogs, and I think there are two cats, as well. Even with the granddaughters in school, and her husband and daughter working, it's not very peaceful. I was glad to give her a little break. I don't think either of us got much needlework done, but we did a lot of talking.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Grandmother, will you make me .....

Two weeks ago, I got knitting requests from both of my 4-year-old great-grandchildren. On Saturday, Lily asked for a dark pink scarf, and on Sunday, Brady asked for a sweater to replace one he has outgrown. 

I found a lovely medium dark pink yarn in my stash, but it is a wool/microfiber blend that needs to be hand washed. I don't think Sara would appreciate my using that, so when I was at the yarn shop for knitting on Wednesday afternoon, I bought a ball of machine-washable acrylic. The shade is not exactly like the one in my stash, but close. I plan to knit the scarf lengthwise, with a row of reverse stockinette stitch cats down the middle and garter stitch borders. I have a chart for the cats, I just need to figure out how many stitches to use.

The sweater Brady has been wearing is one I made nine or ten years ago for his big sister Lexi. Brady called it his white sweater, although I always considered it blue. It has sort of a terrycloth appearance, with the top stuff white and blue underneath. I found some yarn in my stash that I think will be great for his new sweater, and have started working on it. The yarn for the new one is an ivory tweed (with bits of black and brown). I'm doing a simple, top-down, raglan sweater, with a 3 x 3 cable down each sleeve, I will also add pockets, and put cables on them, as well.

When I mentioned this on Knitter's Paradise, I questioned whether I should finish the three shawls I was working on first. Several dozen people replied that I should drop the shawls and jump right on the things for the kids. Only one person said to finish the shawls; the kids need to learn patience. Actually, the shawls are sort of for the kids - to give to their teachers at the end of the school year. I finished two of the shawls.

The other one can wait. I don't think it will be as nice as these anyway.

Other shawls I have finished in the past month or so follow. Since each pre-school classroom has two teachers, I need to have more than half a dozen shawls for the kids to select from.

I'm please with the way all of these turned out. I used someone else's pattern for numbers 1 and 5, but 2, 3, and 4 are my own designs. The yarns in numbers 1, 2, and 5 are some with long color runs, so the stripes happen naturally, without changing yarns.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Temperature Scarf - month two

I'm only a week late. I think we had the warmest February on record.

On February 16, I had a little mishap. I spent that Wednesday night and most of Thursday at Alyssa's house. When I got home about 9:30 Thursday night, I went into the house, turned on the porch and kitchen lights, put down my purse, and went back out to the car for the other two bags (clothes and knitting, and laptop computer). As I walked back in, my toe caught on the rubber strip on top of the doorstep, and I fell flat on my face. I lay there for a minute, thinking that I would be sore all over next day (I wasn't). Then I turned over and sat up. I scooted down far enough to close the door, then scooted on my rump into the dining room, where I could use a chair to stand up. That's right, this old lady can no longer get up from the floor with help from a chair.

The only think that was hurt (other than my pride) was my left knee. However, with one thing and another, it was two weeks before I had it x-rayed. There was a crack across the kneecap. When my doctor called to tell me that, she said to stay off it as much as possible and definitely don't kneel on it. I told her that I don't even kneel in church any more. It seems to be healing OK - no pain unless I twist it a bit. I'm glad it is my left knee rather than the right one. The right side is where I have an artificial hip, as well as a metal rod in the femur, going up from the knee.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Temperature Scarf

Just a quick note before I turn in. Since it's the end of the month, here's what the temperature scarf looks like now

Friday, January 27, 2017

Library book sales are dangerous

I went to the one in Paducah today. I bought 16 books for $15. 

It's not that I need more books, since I have about two dozen from their sale last fall plus the one at the Mayfield library that I haven't read yet. I need to read faster, or to stay off the computer. I think I'll shut this machine down, pick up the book I'm currently reading (How to Make an American Quilt), and read until bedtime.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Violet is here!

She was born last evening. 9 lbs 11 oz, 21 3/4 inches. Big babies run in the family.
I wonder what her big brother (age 2 1/2) will think of her. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

It's fixed

On Tuesday, my next-door neighbor gave me a ride into Mayfield to get my car. I realized yesterday, when I drove to Paducah, that the occasional whiney/grindy noises I had been hearing for a while must have been caused by the deterioration of that serpentine belt. The car sounds much better now; I don't feel like it's going to fall apart soon. 

On Monday, my daughter messaged me that "Violet has been given a ten day eviction notice." Violet is my great-granddaughter due soon. I guess Carmen's message means that if she's not born by next Thursday, they will induce labor. I think it would be neat for her to be born next Wednesday, the 18th - that was my father's birthday. 

I really need to concentrate on Violet's blanket.
I don't know why the lilac part looks white. This is the first picture I've taken with my cell phone and uploaded. I still need to put yellow centers in the little flowers and give them some green stems and leaves. I am now almost finished with the side border with her last name. When I finish that, I'll pick up stitches on the other side and do her middle name.

When I finish this project, I can work on some of the others I have on the needles.

Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 - week one

Started off nice, highs in the 50's, then cooled off to highs in the teens. I had to leave water dripping for a couple of nights (and in my bathroom during the day as well, since I use the other bathroom during the day).

My friend Mary came over on Friday to knit and talk. She had her two granddaughters (ages 8 and 12, I think) with her because their schools were closed. There was really only a dusting of snow, but I think more was being predicted - it didn't happen. It was nice having them here. I opened a couple of cans of soup for lunch, and we ate that and crackers and chips. The table looks nice with placemats and napkins on it, instead of miscellaneous stuff that just lands there.

Yesterday, when I was almost to church, I heard some strange noises from the motor compartment, like something was breaking off and hitting the firewall. Then I had a veerrry hard time making turns. I wound up later having the car transported to my mechanic in Mayfield. I had called my grandson-in-law Stephen in Metropolis, because I thought one of his friends was a mechanic, but he rarely sees that one now. I called the roadside service number on my insurance card and they sent someone out - eventually. Stephen came over and kept me company while I waited and then drove me home. 

It seems like they didn't give the driver all the information he needed. When it got to be later than the time they had given me, I called the phone number they gave me for the towing service. He said he had been trying to get hold of me (my cellphone had not rung). When he got there, he was surly. He had no idea where Bailey's is, and didn't want to listen to directions. Stephen did give him the exact address, so I guess he used GPS to find it. I called Bailey's this morning to make sure my car was there. They called me back a few minutes ago to tell me how much it will cost. New belt and a pulley, plus labor - only $117.12. I think I can handle that. Now when they call to tell me it's ready, I'll need to find someone to take me to Mayfield to get it. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New year, new project

I have decided to do a 'temperature' scarf this year. Some people do blankets; I'm just doing a scarf. Each knitter/crocheter sets her/his own rules. I'm doing seed stitch on 32 stitches, worsted weight acrylic yarn with size 9 needles. The colors I've selected from my stash are here:
I will use the mid-day temperature. Since it is rare for us to have temperatures below zero or above 100, I chose ten colors. I may never use any of the orchid (single-digit temps), and very little of the blue, but the others will see quite a bit of use. I've started today by casting on with yellow, since it is 44 degrees F. Each day I will add one row. I'll try to remember to post a picture of it at the end of each month. It should be quite colorful by year-end.