Monday, May 1, 2017

April (and a little bit of March) knitting

Just realized that again I haven't posted for over a month. That means I didn't post the March segment of my temperature scarf, so here goes both March and April.

March is between the two turquoise stitch markers in the top picture; April is to the right of the stitch marker in the bottom picture.

In April, I also completed a blue sweater for great-grandson Brady,

four shawls (I haven't photographed the fourth one yet),

and a pouch for my cell phone.

When my daughter and granddaughter bought me a cellphone a few years ago, they told me I MUST have it with me whenever I work in the yard. That one fit nicely into a little bag I had made to hold eyeglasses, so I just added 'strings' so I could tie it around my waist or wear it around my neck and over my shoulder. Last year AT&T let me know that they would no longer support that type of phone after 12/31/16. However, they would give me a new phone. The smart phone (I'm still haven't figured it all out) they gave me is wider than the old one, so I had to make a new pouch for it. I used three little balls of leftover yarn, and knit in linen stitch, which makes a firm fabric.