Sunday, February 25, 2018

Beanies, blankets and baby sweaters

That's what I've been knitting recently. I've spent a lot of time at granddaughter Alyssa's house and have not taken my laptop along, but I've taken plenty of yarn and needles.
Here are the beanies:
Same yarn and needles, different stitch counts - 80 on the left, and 88 on the right. Since it is a light weight yarn, they are baby- and child-size.
This one is also 80 stitches, but since it is a heavier yarn and larger needles, it is adult size.
The child-size hat is 68 stitches and the adult one is 80 stitches.

 Here the child's hat is 60 stitches and the adult's is 76. 

All of these beanies are simple knit2, purl 2 ribbing all the way up. Easy to work; don't need to think about what I'm doing. Some are long enough to turn up for extra warmth on the ears, some are not - just whatever I felt like doing at the time. They will all be donated to some agency that helps the less fortunate.

Now the blankets - baby blankets, that is:

This is very basic - garter stitch (knit every row) starting at one corner with 2 stitches, increasing one stitch every row until a reasonable size, then decreasing one stitch every row back to two stitches. Again, doesn't require much attention. The yarn used creates the stripes.
This one is still in progress (obviously).

And now the baby sweaters. I showed two in my last post; here are two more:
By now you recognize this yarn from two of the hats and one of the blankets. No buttons on this one yet - or on the two in my last post. I have trouble using a sewing needle, because of the neuropathy caused by multiple myeloma and/or the medication they gave me for it (yes, I'm still in remission after 7.5 years), so I've asked Carmen to select the buttons (some that I have are still from my mother's stash) and sew them on.
You can't get much simpler that this sweater. The slit at the neck makes it much easier to put on. I love yarns that create stripes on their own, while I just knit round and round!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

More knitting

I have finished another Baby Surprise Jacket and am working on two more. Here's the one I finished:
I only had one ball of the variegated baby colors, so when I ran out of it, I looked through my stash for coordinating colors. I first added the green (don't know why it looks blue in the picture), and when I ran out of that I added the pink. Then I extended the  sleeves with about three inches of pink ribbing. The sleeves in the pattern as written are rather short. If the three inches make them too long, they can be folded back.

Now I have started two more BSJs - one in a striping yarn that is grays and white, and the other in a yarn that will give wide stripes (color blocks?) of several pastel colors.

I've also knit three children's hats, using up leftover yarn.

Sorry about the blurry pictures.

Our weather for the last several days has not been to my liking!!! Here are a few pictures I took.
It started warming up yesterday, and some of the icicles have fallen or melted, and the cap on the birdbath is not quite so tall now. Even under the carport, Carmen's vehicle got covered.

I didn't leave the house for 8 days - there was no place I really needed to go.


Monday, January 1, 2018

And a few more knitted items

What is it? Like a piece of origami, it needs to be folded. Then it becomes this:
Well-known in the knitting community as a BSJ for Baby Surprise Jacket. It was designed many years ago by Elizabeth Zimmerman, one of the knitting greats of the 20th century. It is a nice sweater in a solid color, but really stands out when done in a self-striping yarn. This is Lion Brand Ice Cream in Tutti Frutti. I have just started another BSJ in a yarn from my stash that has lost its label. It looks interesting in the skein; we'll see how it works up.

I've also finished a few other things.
A small scarf - only 7" x 40"

A diagonal pinstripes shawl. This is my own pattern, and there are many examples of it on the blog.

And, of course, the completed temperature scarf
Colorful, isn't it?
We never had a high in the single digits, but we did have two in the teens in January, and we ended the year with a 19.

For 2018, I plan to do a scarf for each month. I'll cast on 125 stitches, leaving about 6-inch tails on each end. I will also leave 6-inch tails each day to be fringe. I may use some eyelash and other non-smooth yarns. I should come up with interesting scarves. The colors I plan to use are those on electrical resistors (are they still used as they were 50 years ago?) - black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, white.

A few weeks ago, I realized that the speakers on my (small, inexpensive( CD player weren't doing well, and mentioned it to Carmen. On Christmas Eve, when Alyssa, Sara and their families came over, there was a large, wrapped package for me. This is what it contained:
The first thing this former RCA employee noticed on the box it was in was the word Victorola. It has a 3-speed turntable, which I haven't tested, because I no longer have any records. I shall have to see if Kevil Korner (local charity store that supports a sheltered workshop) has any. The radio, CD player, and cassette player all work fine. It also has Bluetooth capabilities, which I don't understand. Reggie and Stephen with playing with that part, and it seemed to work OK.