Sunday, July 30, 2017

OK, Jim

A couple of days ago, my brother sent me a screen shot (I don't know how to do that) of my last post here, reminding me that it has been almost two months. I wonder if he's the only person who reads my posts.

I've gone to a lot of T-ball and softball games during that time. Both Lily and Brady played T-ball this year, and Rose played softball. The T-ball games are a bit hard to watch - most of the kids have no idea what they are doing. They stand there and look around, and Brady liked to play in the dirt and the chalk they use to mark the field. One time when he had gotten to 2nd base and his teammate hit the ball into center field, he started running after it with the kids on the other team. 

Rose's fast-pitch softball games were more interesting. By that age, the girls understand about playing positions. Rose needs more batting practice, and another year for things to become second nature to her.

A group of 'fiber people' (knitters, crocheters, quilters) are planning to 'fiber bomb' 16 trees around Market House Square in downtown Paducah for the month of September. I have knit a couple of pieces (about 12 by 20 inches ?), plus made several crochet chains which will be wound around some of the trees. I've also made a few flowers to be tied to the chains.

I told myself that was all I was going to do for this project, but in the past week I've crocheted 8 or 10 butterflies and as many stars, and two peacock feather 'eyes'. Then on Friday, while looking for something else, I came across a few dozen knitting swatches of various sizes and wondered if they could be used. So I took them with me yesterday when I went to the yarn shop for the first sewing session. They have measured the trees and cut paper to the required sizes, marking each 'pattern' with the number of that tree on a 'map.' Saturday, the ladies were laying out the patterns one at a time, filling it with pieces that we have donated for the purpose, and sewing them together. Some of my swatches were used to fill in between larger pieces. I didn't join in the sewing, but I did grab a ball of yarn that had been donated for the project and started knitting another piece. There will be another sewing session at the end of August.

I will be making more butterflies and stars, as well. Val was tying the butterflies, flowers, etc on the crochet chains, and said she had already used all the butterflies. So I'll take the supplies for that when I go to Alyssa's for the next two weeks (house sit, cat sit, be the adult in the house with the teen-ager) while she's away on business.