Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowed in

Well, not exactly. When I came home from my ophthalmologist appointment on Monday, I got stuck close to the top of my driveway. I went out twice on Tuesday, and managed to get it a few feet farther. Since my neighbor with whom I share the driveway has gone to Superior, Wisconsin for the winter (most people go south, but he has to be different and go north), I'm not inconveniencing anyone. I figured that when I went to meet my friend Mary in Mayfield on Wednesday, I'd let it roll down to the bottom of the hill and then back out onto the road. However, before I left, Mary called to say that the Art Guild, where we had planned to meet was closed (I think they take snow days whenever the county school system does.) I suggested that she come out here, but warned her that my car was blocking the driveway. She had her two nieces with her since the schools were closed. When they got here, she parked at the bottom of the drive and walked up. Then she took my keys and went out to see if she would have more luck than I had. She wound up rolling back down the drive to get a running start. It took two tries, but the car is now in its usual spot. She then went down to bring her car up. Her 4-wheel drive Suburu had no trouble at all.

I had planned to go out today - to a program at Rose's school and then to Paducah for a knitting group this evening. However, since Graves County Schools are closed again today, there is no program to go to, and since I would hate to get stuck in the driveway again after dark, I'm not going out this evening either. Maybe in a few days this stuff will get melted or washed away and I will get out again. In the meantime, I'll knit and figure out how I'm going to warp my little 8" Structo loom now that I have finally gotten the old spools off.