Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good-bye 2016

New Year's resolution for 2017: To post here more often. Since I don't have any medical stuff to write about, and especially since I've been on FaceBook, I've sort of let this slide.

It's a few hours early, but I'm not going to finish any more knitting projects or books before midnight, so here's the tally for 2016.

Knitting projects finished:
17 shawls
15 scarves
35 hats
5 baby/children's sweaters
12 baby blankets - 7 of them were baptismal blankets for my church
1 dishcloth
2 cowls
6 knitted knockers (prostheses for women who have had mastectomies)

Works in progress, some of which I will finish in 2017:
3 shawls
2 scarves
2 adult-size blankets 
2 baby blankets
1 pair of socks 

I read 71 books during the year, averaging 257 pages per book. Most of them were novels or mysteries, but there were also:
1 poems and short stories
10 memoirs
3 children's
2 biographies
1 style guide (This reminded me of helping with some research 45? years ago for a style guide to be used in all offices of the large accounting firm I worked for at the time.)

Back to the knitting: The one project that I really should be working on right now is a blanket for my great-granddaughter who will be born in a couple of weeks. Her name will be Violet, so this is part of her blanket:
Now I'm working on a row of small purple flowers around the edges of the center panel. Her name will be done in shadow/illusion knitting in the borders. The top and bottom borders are done with her first name. After I finish duplicate stitching the small flowers, I will pick up stitches on the sides, and put her middle name on one side and her last name on the other.