Saturday, January 25, 2014


Do they use needle and thread at all now? I took the little bandage off after two days as the instructions said. This is what the surgery site looks like this morning. I go back to the surgeon on February 4th.

The IVP and ultrasound ordered by the urologist were on Wednesday; I go to see him next Wednesday to see if there's anything amiss. I really think not. My sister said she has had blood in her urine for over 20 years, and nothing has ever been found. Maybe it's just a family thing.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No More Port

Almost 7 years after it was put in, my port came out yesterday - it hasn't been used for 3 1/2 years.

When they tell you to be at the hospital at 10 am for surgery at 11 am, they are making their best guess at how long the surgeries before your will take. However, sometimes things don't work out that way. It was 4:19 pm before they rolled me into the operating room. The surgery before mine had turned out to be more complicated than expected. I hope some of that time was also used for the surgeon and OR staff to eat some lunch, use the restrooms, etc. Taking out my port only took a short time; I think we were back at Sara's house by about 5:30. I spent the night on her couch and got up when Rose got up for school. I left there about 8:30 - only 16 hours after anesthesia, rather than the 24 they recommend, but then I had not had much anesthesia.

I had some knitting with me, so I didn't mind waiting. We had 18-month-old Lily with us, so a bit after noon, Sara took her home, fed her lunch, put her down for a nap (Reggie was there) and came back. Around 3, she left again for something she needed to do, and came back with Lily just before they took me to the OR.
About 4 pm, I went to the nurses' station and asked one of the nurses to call the radiology department and reschedule the ultrasound and other tests I was supposed to have this morning. They are now scheduled for tomorrow morning, so I am about to begin the 'prep' for that. What fun!

Friday, January 17, 2014

I don't feel like doing anything!

I did finish that baby blanket on Sunday, and I've done a few more mitered squares on the scrap blanket I started 2 1/2 years ago. Tuesday while waiting at the urologist's office and at the auto repair shop, I did quite a few rows on a scarf I started at the end of December. That scarf is my current 'carry with me' project. I had it with me on Wednesday when I accompanied Alyssa to St Louis for Brady's final post-op visit to the surgeon, but I didn't take it out of the bag.

I should get out my blocking wires and block a scarf I finished several months ago, and also steam-block a shawl I finished at least a month ago, but I don't feel like it.

I think it's the cold weather that has me feeling this way. I also feel like I'm in a holding pattern until after the surgery Monday to remove my port and an untrasound on Tuesday that the urologist has ordered. Maybe after that I'll feel like doing something.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Knitting

I have several projects on the needles, but after reading several blogs today by other knitters about what they are knitting, I want to start something else. I really need to finish that baby blanket for church and work a few more rows on Carmen's blanket. I'm going to be good and do those things before starting anything else.

Looking out my kitchen window this morning, I noticed that my birdbath has been knocked over - neighborhood dogs? Since the paths to it are flooded, it will stay that way for a while.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Back to normal?

I finally got away from the house yesterday, after a week and a half of staying in. The cold spell has ended, at least for now, and we're back to our normal winter temperatures. I went to Mayfield  to fill two prescriptions and do a bit of grocery shopping - I was out of many things.

Then today I went to Bardwell, stopping at the county school on the way. I gave the S.T.A.R. program (I have no idea what that stands for) some hats for them to give to children who need them.
Five of the hats I made within the past week. They were fun to do and used up some leftover yarn from other projects.

I was supposed to have my port removed on Monday (1/6), but I called last Friday and postponed it for two weeks, because I had a cold. I'm pretty much over the cold now - hope it doesn't come back before the 20th. I probably wouldn't have been able to start my car on Monday anyway because of the frigid temperatures. I hope the frigid temperatures don't come back before the 20th, either - or ever, for that matter.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

2013 was a fairly productive year for me. Of the 15 projects that were on the needles as 2012 ended, I knit a few more inches on Carmen's queen-size blanket and a few more squares on a mitered-square scrap blanket, plus, I finished:
2 small blankets
4 shawls
1 baby sweater
1 scarf
1 balaclava
That leaves 4 projects that I haven't touched during 2013.

BUT, during 2013 I started and finished:
11 scarves
7 shawls
5 children's sweaters/vests
21 hats
12 dishcloths
3 American Girl doll dresses
1 American Girl doll sweater
1 baby dress
1 baby blanket
2 bibs
1 purse
1 pair of baby socks
24 tiny hats for a project to raise awareness of the Seaman's Church Institute.

PLUS, I wove
516 mugrugs
75 (?) 2 inch Weave-it squares
7 throw rugs, ranging in length from 32 to 78 inches

Now I need to work on the 10 knitting projects I have on the needles (I'll probably finish one of them today), and put a new warp on the loom (for placemats, I think).