Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coffee can drums

Yesterday, when I was at the Art Guild, Dana said to me, "I've been thinking about the man who paid for your tires and said to pay it forward. You've been doing that for years."

I guess I have, mostly in small ways. Sometimes very small ways, like this morning. Yesterday, Lexi asked if I have any empty coffee cans. She needs to take one to school by Friday to use as a drum. Since Alyssa and Trevor don't drink coffee, they don't have any. I usually buy coffee in the vacuum, foil packs, but have bought enough in 'cans' so that I found two that I don't have other things stored in - one small and one large. I put the small one in the large one, put them in a plastic bag, and carried them out to the car with all the other stuff I took with me today. That way I won't forget them tomorrow when I go to meet Lexi's school bus. I figure she can choose which size she wants and give the other one to a classmate who wasn't able to find one. Is that paying forward about a penny? But to a child who was disappointed about not being able to participate for lack of a coffee can, it might be worth a lot more. Right?


My numbers continue to be good, but my blood presssure was up today. No futher changes in treatment schedule at this point.


And since I got no call requesting that I go to the doctor's office later, I was able to meet with my knitting friends. They seemed pleased to see me after several weeks' absence, and I was certainly pleased to see them.

Since this was our last meeting in that location, Lisa H brought tea sandwiches, Jennifer brought fruit and dip and someone (perhaps Valerie?) brought a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. All that provided my lunch. Valerie will be moving the buisness over the weeknd, so next week we will meet at the new location, several blocks away. I won't have a doctor's appointment next week, but if the weather is nice, I may drive up there anyway. Since it's thirty miles each way, I try to combine things.

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