Saturday, August 21, 2010

Car trouble

Wow! My family is laying down on the job - no one has reminded me that it's been almost two weeks since I posted. Sara is still working on finding a job and getting Rose in school.

Lexi had a mini-sleepover last night, with just Rose and the girl across the street. Rose and Lexi will both be here tonight, and we'll go to church in the morning. Lexi wants to teach Rose how things are done at Grace Church. We were headed there two weeks ago, but only made it halfway. I've been having some transmission problems recently and adding transmission fluid has helped, but the problem seems to be more than just a small leak. Even Rose noticed how bad the car sounded. It wasn't upshifting to third gear, so I pulled into a safe spot and then couldn't shift at all. I called Alyssa to come rescue us. We called AAA and had them tow it to her house. She said a friend would look at it for me. The tow-truck driver got it to shift after he got it to Alyssa's and said we just hadn't pushed down hard enough on the 'button' at the top of the shifter, so I've driven it for a week and a half. However, on Wednesday I think I drove most of the way  home from Paducah in second gear. It shifted from first to second with no problem, but most of the time did not want to go to third. Yesterday I had it taken to a transmission shop. I haven't heard from them yet as to what the problem is and how much it will cost.


My red cell count was 8.5, so I got a shot of Procrit. I was supposed to get it two weeks ago, and the nurses even signed it out for me then, but didn't give it to me. Nancy made sure she gave it to me this time as soon as I got back to the treatment room. I have appointments in September for MRI, bone scan, PET scan and bone marrow sample. There will also be extra bloodwork and a 24-hour urine collection. Medicare did not pay for the PET scan a year and  half ago, but I guess the study they got me into at that time got Myeloma included in the list of diseases they will pay for it. At least Debbie says they will now.

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Carmen said...

Sorry! I thought you were having too much fun with Rose and Lexi :)