Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What don't we do for great-grandchildren?

Wow! I don't post for a month, and then post two days in a row.

Alyssa called this morning and asked if I could bring something with me when I visit her on Thursday. Well, of course, if I can.

It seems that Lexi's science class is studying trees this year, so they need leaf specimens. She only thought of holly and Japanese maple, and asked what else I have. I walked around the yard this afternoon with pruners, zip-lock bags and cards on which I had already written most of the names. I have:
black locust
bald cypress
golden raintree
Washington hawthorn (I made sure to get one of the thorns)
black walnut
pecan (from my neighbor's yard)
flowering crab apple
Japanese maple (unfortunately, since the sun is no longer so intense, it is no longer red)
crepe myrtle
wild olive
pine (I think it's white pine)

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