Friday, November 1, 2013

November is here

I could have sworn I posted since October 4th.

On the 19th, we celebrated Rose's birthday although it is really the 26th. She is now 8 years old and is pretty and bright.
She's guarding her gifts. This year she and Kyra didn't pout while the other was opening gifts on her birthday like they did last year. I guess they're growing up.

Front and back views of the sweater I knit for her. There is a matching one for her American Girl doll (she now has three, I think.) I don't know what prompted that weird expression on her face.

I love this one of her holding her 4-month-old cousin.

As proof that she's bright, I offer this little story. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Kroger for a few groceries. My bill came to $36.08. I signed a check, gave it to the clerk to print with the machine, and told her that I wanted $20 back. That apparently baffled her. She knew that was allowed, but she didn't know how much to write the check for. The boy doing the bagging was no help, so she was trying to get the attention of the woman at the check-cashing window across from her. She finally took my word that she should write the check for $56.08. I told her and the bagger that they were much too old to have a problem with such simple math, and that my 8-year-old great-granddaughter could probably do it. I later checked all the kids. The older ones didn't even need to think about it, and it took second-grade Rose (no, that's NOT second-hand Rose) less than a minute - without writing it down. Kroger obviously doesn't give applicants any kind of math test.

The Friends of the Mayfield/Graves County Library had their annual (or maybe it's semi-annual) used book sale last weekend. The books that didn't sell then, were left in the meeting room all this week. I stopped in on Monday after the fiberarts meeting in Murray, and bought six books at the rate of $1 for a hardback and $.50 for a paperback. I've already read two of them - short, easy reads. This morning they posted on FaceBook that today was the last day, and the price was now $1 for a bag (the kind you get at WalMart or a grocery store). So I went back after I did other errands in Mayfield and filled a bag - 10 books, mostly hardbacks.
The top two are the ones I've already finished. I did eeny, meeny, meiny, mo to decide which one to start tonight. These should keep me in reading material for a while.

I will probably donate some of these back for the next sale, but some I will keep on my shelves. This morning, I spotted some I had donated, some of which I bought there last year.

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