Friday, May 22, 2015


My oldest great-granddaughter graduated from Massac Junior High School, Metropolis IL, last night.
Here she is with her mother. The stole reads Valedictorian. There were 13 of them out of a class of 140 something. We are all very proud of her. In addition to being smart and pretty, she's friendly and just a nice kid.
As I was walking from my car to the school building (the graduation was held at the high school because its gym is larger), a woman passed me wearing a beautiful shawl. After a couple of seconds I thought, "That shawl looks familiar  - I think I made it." When I got inside, the woman was talking with two or three others. I touched her arm and asked, "Do you teach math here?" She answered, "Yes, well not here, but at the junior high." I said,"I thought I recognized the shawl; I'm Lexi Gill's great-grandmother." She said that she loves the shawl and that Lexi is a delight to have in class.

After the ceremony, Lexi showed me a thank you note she had gotten from her science teacher for the shawl Lexi had given her. I had forgotten that Lexi had requested two. (I make shawls when and how I want to, and the great-grandkids pick out which ones they want to give to their teachers.)

This in the one Lexi gave to the math teacher

I love this picture of it being modeled by almost-three-year-old Lily - her first shawl modeling experience. See how the front corners are dragging the ground? I'm not sure if the one Rose is modeling has gone to a teacher or not. I know Lexi said the one she gave the science teacher is pink and white, but there is also this pink and white one.
Lexi said that Devin has selected a pink and brown one for his teacher, so it must be this one

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