Saturday, October 31, 2015

I am still here!

Since I've been on FaceBook, I haven't been posting here very much. I don't post there much either, though.

I continue to knit a lot. Let's see if I have a few pictures from the last two months.

Well, only two of my knitting, it seems. I know I've done more than that, just haven't taken pictures.

The hat is just a fun project in some bright yarn that jumped into my cart in Hobby Lobby one day.
The sweater is one I started for great-granddaughter Rose six months ago. I finally gave it to her at her birthday party last Saturday. It is knit in fingering-weight yarn on size 2 needles. The fronts are in a stitch pattern that drove me nuts. That's the reason I kept setting it aside and doing other things. I did the back in reverse stockinette with a row of cable 'bows' down the middle - much easier.

Although I gave her the sweater at her birthday party, it wasn't really her gift. I had already given her a book we had talked about months before. The book is called "Grounded; Adventures of Rapunzel" by Megan Morrison. A friend of mine drew the map that is in the back of the book, so I had heard about it long before it came out. I told Rose about it one day, and she was interested in reading it. I bought it in June (shortly after it was released), read it and put it away to wait for her birthday. About a month before her birthday, they were visiting me and she asked if the book was out yet. I asked if she'd like her birthday present early. Dumb question; of course she would, so I told her where to find it. She had it read loooong before her birthday.

My daughter, Carmen, has been in the process of moving in with me since July; she's back in NJ right now for a couple of weeks. This month, she made two fancy cakes for her two grandchildren born in October. I do have pictures of them.
Brady turned 3 on the 8th. His cake has a Halloween theme. He and a little friend had their shirts off while they ate so they wouldn't get them dirty.

Rose turned 10 (double digits) on the 26th, but we celebrated on the 24th. The thing she wanted most was to go roller skating. That's the reason for the roller skate on the top of the cake. I don't know why she has such a funny smile in this picture. She did get to go roller skating - twice, I think.

Another happening during October was the annual Fall festival at the dance school. 3-year-old Lily is taking dance this year, as well as Rose. Rose started about that age, too. The Fall festival is always the first year kids first time dancing in front of an audience. It is in a little courtyard beside the dance school, so nothing too scary. Lily's group danced to "Ding, dong, the witch is dead" from The Wizard of Oz. Lily got to be Dorothy this time, because they had the costume from her other older sister, Kyra.
I'm not sure what the song Rose's group danced to is called, or exactly what she is; I guess just a ghoulie or 'shade' of some kind.

Their Grammy, Carmen, said she thought Lily made up her own dance. I think all of the little ones always do. The teacher is always on the sidelines doing what they are supposed to, but they forget to watch her.

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