Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three Weeks?

My brother was the one this time who reminded me that I hadn't written anything here for a long time.

I'm still waiting for a picture of the sock Halloween costume. Alyssa emailed one to me, but it was too dark to see. She said she has others, as well, but I haven't seen them yet. I brought the costume home with me a few days ago, because I want to take it to the knitting group. Next time Lexi is here, I'll have her put it on and take a couple of pictures.

Last night, Lexi was in a 'fashion show' to raise money for the cheerleading group to go to the national competition in Chicago in January. She didn't win anything, even though her grandfather was one of the judges.

That's her mother with her in the second picture. People are already asking if they're sisters. I've told Lexi that will happen more and more often as she gets older.

It seems strange not to have medical appointments every week. The only ones so far this month were on the eleventh - first with the oral surgeon and then at the cancer group to have my port flushed. If the port is not flushed every four to six weeks, I start to be aware that it's there. It doesn't hurt exactly, but I do feel it.

Dr Heine said that there is still a small amount of bone visible, but that my mouth is healing well. I'm still on Augmentin and using the antimicrobial mouthwash, and I go back to him this Wednesday.

I'll see Dr Winkler (oncologist) on December 8, and also have my port flushed again.

December 1-5 will be the Walk through Bethlehem at the Mayfield Nazarene Church. I'll be participating again this year as the weaver. When one of the organizers (who just got elected mayor of Mayfield) emailed to ask if November 29 or 30 would be OK for her to come and get the loom, she also asked if I have more of the small samples for barter. I only had a few, but I'm working on making more. I'm using three different small looms - a 2-inch Weave-it loom (here on top of squares I've made with it), a Structo loom and a BonHop loom (here with the strip of fabric I've made so far. I have warped the BonHop again and started on another strip. On both the BonHop and the Structo, the warp is cotton and I'm using wool for the weft. I will wash these strips in hot, soapy water with much agitation and some old jeans for them to rub against. That should cause them to full (felt), after which I can cut them into squares which will not unravel.

I'm looking forward to this event - just hope I don't freeze. I like the fact that the church does this as a ministry, not a fund-raiser. They accept donations, of course, but they do not charge admission or sell the coffee, hot chocolate, hot cider and cookies they offer inside afterwards.

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Terrific pictures of Lexie and of Alyssa.