Monday, November 1, 2010

Hearts and Flowers shawl, again

I had not entered anything for the annual juried show at the Mayfield Art Guild for several years, but decided this year to see if my shawl that I had put into the county fair would be accepted. Not only was it accepted, but it won a merit award sponsored by Mayfield Tourism. I'm very pleased. The shawl has now won $53 for me. I hope to enter it in the state fair next year.

I was feeling OK when I was at the Art Guild reception yesterday afternoon, but shortly after I got home, I started feeling terrible - achy, cold, sore throat, stuffy nose, etc. I went to bed about 5 pm, and didn't even feel like reading as I usually do. I left the light on all night, and didn't get up until about 9 am, except to go to the bathroom a dozen times. I'm glad there's nothing I need to do today.


Anonymous said...

Terrific new about the shawl!! Not so terrific news about your cold.


dominic said...

yeah, what Renee said.