Sunday, January 9, 2011

Killing Time

Last night, the company Alyssa and Sara work for had their Christmas party - they were too busy before Christmas. So the girls asked me if Lexi and Rose could spend the night with me. Lexi had a birthday party to go to from 5 to 8 pm. The original plan was for Alyssa to drop her off and me to pick her up. However, there were changes in the plans, so the little ones were dropped off here early in the afternoon. We left here about 4:30 and dropped Lexi off about 5 o'clock. I wasn't about to drive the 17 miles back here and then back to Mayfield, so Rose and I had three hours to kill. First we went to the gas station to fill the tank. Then to McDonalds (I was not surprised when Rose announced on the way to the gas station that she was hungry.) We took our time there eating our supper. Rose was flirting with two men at the next table. She likes to flirt with old men - not old-old, more my contemporaries.

When we got back in the car, I discovered that we had killed one hour. Next we went to Dollar Tree; I needed a few boxes of Scotties. We walked the whole store and Rose looked at greeting cards. She found a Valentine she wanted to give her mom.

I decided I wanted to have waffles for breakfast this morning, so we went to WalMart. We got waffles, syrup and hot chocolate mix, then headed to the back of the store to the ladies' room. We stopped on the way at a bench to rest my leg. On the way back from the ladies' room, we stopped at the bench again, and had a conversation something like this:

Me: "Can you think of anything else we should get?"
Rose, tapping the side of her head with her index finger (she's such a ham!): "Marshmallows, to go with the hot chocolate."
Me: "Good idea, we are out of them. Anything else?"
Rose. again tapping her head: "Bananas."
Me: "Good idea. We'll get some bananas. Anything else?"
Me: "How did you know I'm out of onions? But I don't want to buy any today."
She also suggested apples and oranges, but I didn't want to get more fruit than the bananas.

So we found the marshmallows and the bananas, checked out, and got in the car. By then it was 7:35. so we headed for the house where Lexi was. We sat there for a few minutes until others started coming to pick kids up. Then I sent Rose up to the door, telling her to knock and, when someone came to the door, tell them we had come for Lexi. She did a great job!

When we got home, we had hot chocolate with marshmallows and got ready for bed. I think I was probably more tired than the girls were.

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