Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I had two doctor's appointments today.

Dr Heine said my mouth is healing well. There is still a small bit of bone showing, but it is filling in well with soft tissue. I am off the antibiotic, but still rinsing with warm salt water and Peridex. I go back to him on February 3.

Dr Winkler said my numbers are still good. The myeloma is not in my bone marrow, but only in that one bone. On January 19, I will see Dr Locken, the radiation oncologist. After that I will have two or three weeks of radiation on the leg. We hope that when I go back to Dr Winkler on February 9, my mouth will be healed and the radiation therapy will be finished. Then I will probably go back on Revlimid at a maintenance level, whatever that is.

After all that, I treated myself to a late lunch/early supper at Olive Garden. I love their Zuppa Rustica!

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Helen Lynn said...

Good for you! Glad things are going well.