Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finished Projects

No, not the car - it's still in sickbay.

I'm talking about knitting projects finished within the past week.
First a short cape hat will probably go to a nursing home. I started it on October 2nd and finished it on October 28. It is some yarn that was donated to Grace Church for the knitting ministry. I haven't selected buttons for it yet - it needs two fairly large ones.
Next is a random shawl in mostly reds, with some purple. I plan to send it to a friend who lost her son not long ago. It contains about twenty different yarns; I love doing shawls and acarves this way. I started this September 29 (a month before I heard of my friend's loss) and finished it yesterday, November 1. I still need to trim the fringes.
This is a scarf fro my friend's husband. I started it October 30 and completed it November 1.

And the one that has been in the works the longest: a baby sweater in sock yarn on size 2 needles. I love this pattern! it is called Baby Surprise Jacket. It is all one piece and looks very strange until you sew the shoulder seams. I modified it this time by adding a hood. The hood looks bigger than the jacket, doesn't it? But then babies' heads are proportionately large, aren't they? I started this August 30 and just finished it today.

Tomorrow, I need to wash then all. I'll gather the fringes on the shawl together and tie them before putting it in the washer so they don't get tangled. And Of course, I'll use the 'hand washables' cycle.

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