Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rose's Birthday

Rose turned six yesterday, so after spending the afternoon knitting at the coffee shop in Paducah, I drove down to Sedalia for birthday cake. As I left to come home, Sara said, "Don't hit any deer." (Yes, Jim, there are a lot of them in western KY) I think she jinxed me!
 That's my dogwood tree in the background.
I was about five miles from home when it happened. It was too dark for me to see where the deer went. The radiator light on the dashboard came on, but the car didn't overheat.  I'm hoping it's only a hose knocked loose. When I got home, I discovered that the driver's door wouldn't open more than four or five inches. I've lost a lot of weight, but not enough to get out through that small a space. I had to push my seat all the way back for me to get my feet up over the console. Then I climbed across the purse and knitting bags in the passenger seat and got out that way - not easy for an old lady who's not very agile!

The right front quarter-panel is pushed back, blocking the door, and the hood is a bit crumpled. The plastic on that headlight is also cracked, but the light still works. I called the insurance company this morning, but they can't do anything for me - I dropped the comprehensive last year, since the car is so old. Bad move!


AlisonH said...

Ouch. I'm just glad you weren't hurt! I hope the car is easily fixed, at least driving wise; mine's not too pretty anymore after four kids learned to drive with it, but hey, it runs.

PeggyS said...

It is always good to read your posts. I will go several weeks without reading, then read a bunch at once. I have been meaning to write. Did you know Wanda and George's son David died in May? I have a book of Chrismons for Cross Stitch that might work for your baptism blankets. I will send you a copy.