Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh my! It's been a week!

Actually nine days since my last post. I haven't done anything unusual - mainly knitting and weaving. And fighting with my sewing machine while trying to zig-zag stitch across the ends of 58 mugrugs. I finally got that done, but two of them got messed up. I took them apart, and used the 'filler' from them on another warp. The current warp is only 8 yards long - don't know how many mugrugs I'll get out of it. It's blue; the next one will be red.

Of course I've been knitting, too. In fact I now have a case of knitting start-itis. Friday morning, I started a hunter green watchcap for the Seaman's Church Institute. Yesterday I started a variation on a Citron shawl (I think there's a picture of Citron a few posts back). Both of those projects are using yarn from the supply donated to Grace church some time ago. While I was on Ravelry yesterday, I came across a scarf/shawl pattern called Wingspan that I like, so this afternoon, when I needed a change in project, I started one. I have three or four other projects on the needles as well; I will get them all done eventually.

 Tuesday, I spent time with Jo and Mary (and Mary's daughter Ashley) at the Art Guild in Mayfield. I hadn't seen Jo for months, and during tax season, when she's working for H & R Block, I don't see much of Mary. It was really nice to talk to all of them.

Wednesday, I did my normal noon Eucharist service at Grace Church, followed by knitting at the Downtown Coffee Bar. The group wasn't as large as it was last week, but it really doesn't matter how many are there, it's always a good time.

Friday, I met Mary and Ashley in Mayfield, and we went up to Paducah. Mary is considering opening a yarn and tea shop in Wingo (about ten miles south of Mayfield) and wanted to visit With Ewe in Mind in Paducah. I hadn't been there since it moved. I introduced Mary to Maureen, who owns the shop, and she was able to get some useful information from her. Then we went to the Downtown Coffee Bar for a cup of coffee. I wanted her to see Valerie's set-up there. We also stopped at the Habitat for Humanity shops in both Paducah and Mayfield.

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