Friday, May 18, 2012

Lily's blanket

It may be finished - or maybe not.
This is what it looks like now, except that I have worked a crocheted border around it in the pumpkin color - one round of single crochet and one of crab stitch (single crochet worked left to right). I had planned to put some lilies-of-the-valley on it, but the white doesn't show up well on the yellow. I know there are also pink lilies-of-the-valley, but that just doesn't seem right. I think I need to add a couple more tiger lilies, but I'm taking it to the shower tomorrow as is. I'll discuss additions with Sara then.

I'm proud of my tiger lily design. I did not find any charts for it, either in my books or online, but I printed out a couple of pictures onto knitter's graph paper. I worked one, but didn't like it, so I picked it out. I finally decided that I could draw my own tiger lily. I know the flowers have more than four petals, but sometimes you need to simplify.

I've also completed another shawl recently.
When I started, I didn't know what I was going to do - just wanted to use the variegated yarn (Waterscape colorway) and the turquoise together. The beginning turquoise id simply stockinette stitch. When I switched to the Waterscape, I used part of one of my favorite stitch patterns (snowdrop lace from an old Mon Tricot stitch library). When I ran out of Waterscape and picked up the turquoise again, I used the body pattern of 'Kathy's Clover-Chain Shawl' from Alison Hyde's Wrapped in Comfort book. I ran out of turquoise as I finished one repeat of that pattern. In my stash, I found a small ball of brown that matched the brown in Waterscape. With that I did three or four repeats of the bottom pattern of Alison's shawl. I'm very please with the way this shawl turned out.

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Barbara said...

Love your shawl and Lily blanket! You are one talented lady!