Friday, May 25, 2012

Rose's shawl redux

In October 2010, I knit a shawl for Rose. About a month ago, when I was visiting, she told me that the dog had made a hole in it. So I brought it home to see if I could repair it.
If the tear had been in the middle, I probably could have done a reasonably good repair, but since it was on the edge, I decided to reknit the whole thing. I dug out the end from where I had worked it into the fabric, and started knitting as I unraveled. I lost very little yarn to the hole, but I must have used  smaller needle before, because I needed more yarn this time. At first I couldn't find more in my stash, but just when I thought I'd need to unravel and make it smaller, I remembered another basket I hadn't looked in. There was what I needed. So it's done!
Good Thursday:
I don't often have two good meals with good company on the same day - living alone, I usually eat alone. But yesterday was different. Since it was the fourth Thursday of the month, I went to the 'Vintage Grace' luncheon at church (for those of us who are vintage). Good food, good conversation, and an interesting speaker.

After that I went to Alyssa's obstetrician's office to witness the full-body ultrasound of little Brady. His heart has the four segments it is supposed to have, he has two kidneys, and a full complement of arms, legs, fingers and toes, even though they estimate his weight at 11 ounces. They gave Alyssa a printout of three pictures and a disk with several others.

Then I went to Alyssa's for supper. Stephen's parents were there too. We looked at the pictures on the disk. Stephen's mother is a little disappointed that the baby is a boy - she wanted granddaughter. I guess she'll need to be satisfied with a half-grown one (Lexi). Supper was again good food and good conversation.

Lexi packed a bag and I dropped her off at Sara's house. Sara plans to take Lexi and Rose to the fair in Mayfield today, then I'll meet her somewhere to bring Lexi to my house for the next week or so. She'll keep me company after my cataract surgery on Tuesday.

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Carmen said...

The shawl looks wonderful :)

Alyssa was very excited to have you at the ultrasound and wrote about the fish fry too. I wish I was there to enjoy it too :)