Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas stockings

But first - I finally got the pictures a friend took of me at the Walk through Bethlehem.

Now to the stockings. I've been working on the ones for the new great-grandchildren and their fathers. I forgot to take a picture of Brady's before I delivered it, and the picture I finally got to go where it was supposed to (my camera and computer didn't want to work nicely together for a while yesterday) of Stephen's is not very good. I've asked Alyssa to send pictures of them. Yesterday I delivered Lily's stocking and took along the one I'm working on for Reggie, so he could see how far I've gotten. It will be done for next year.

Stephen has an orange cat named Chester, and that's what Alyssa asked me to put on his stocking. As I was working on it, I decided a mouse on the toe would be a little 'joke.' I've no idea what Chester would do if he saw a mouse. Another little 'joke' is the flap to cover the first E in the name. It doesn't show well here. I did that because Stephen's name tag for work has that E missing, so it reads ST PHEN.

And here is Lily's stocking. I had knit a white stocking to match the other family ones, and then Sara and Reggie decided they wanted a snow person on it. So I started over. (I now have a white stocking in reserve for the next baby.) I think of this as white clouds above a blue sky and snow-covered ground. Sara requested the pink bow rather than a tophat. The nose is an orange button, the eyes are black French knots, the mouth is two stitches of yarn and there are buttons on the bodice. I think it's cute!

And here's the one I made many years ago for me.

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