Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter has arrived

I had to scrape frost off my car yesterday. I hope we don't get any snow this winter, and that the temperature never goes below 20 F.

I've been working on Christmas stockings for the two new great-grandchildren and their fathers. However, when I mentioned to Alyssa yesterday that I have bought the Hallmark ornaments for everyone, she said that Lexi had said recently that she hopes I'll knit my 'wrapping paper' again this year. I guess she wants another little draw-string bag. I came across one in the Christmas stuff the other day, so I only need to make nine new ones, although I may skip it for the adults. I started one after I got home yesterday evening and finished it this morning. I've now started another. Fortunately, they don't take long. I can work on them while I sit here at the computer and read blogs and play Words with Friends on FaceBook.

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