Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Good Day

First I went to the Mayfield Library to return a book and check out three others. Then I met Mary at the Art Guild and we talked and knitted (me) and crocheted (Mary) for a couple of hours, after first looking at the new exhibit that was still in the process of being installed. It is the work of the Piecemakers quilting group. It's coming up to the annual quilt show in Paducah, so this is loosely tied in with that.

Then came the best part - I went to Sara's house. Lily was still taking a nap when I got there, but woke up shortly afterwards. I have seen her so seldom that she always considers me a stranger when she first sees me. She's nine months old now and is taking a few steps at a time before she falls. She does a good job of keeping herself occupied.

Reggie was there, since he has been transferred to night shift. That only started last week, so he's still working out his sleep schedule. He was asleep when I got there, but then got up (he'll get a couple more hours of sleep later) and had some soup for lunch. When Lily saw him eating, she stood beside him so he would share his food with her.

After Rose got home from school, Sara went into town to do some errands. Rose's homework was reading a certain story (the last one in her book). I got her to read it to me. She then went back and read all of the stories to me. She reads very well. I reminded her that two years ago she was jealous that her step-sister could read and she couldn't, and that I had told her at the time that she would learn to. I think she had forgotten that. She'll be going on two field trips next week. On Tuesday the class will go to Paducah for a performance of The Berenstain Bears at the Carson Center, and a visit to the National Quilt Museum. On Friday they will be going to Murray to watch some of their school-mates perform (I don't know what kind of performance).

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