Friday, April 26, 2013

Mostly medical

But first - When I was taking one of my knitting breaks from cleaning out flower beds on Monday, a hummingbird hovered about a foot and a half in front of me for half a minute before flying off. I felt like he was saying, "I'm back! Time to put up the feeders." I did put one up later that day.

Now for the  medical. Wednesday I had my quarterly visit to the oncologist. After we exchanged pleasantries, Dr Winkler pulled up my information on the screen (everything is on the computer now) and looked at it for a minute or so. He smiled and said,
"You're incredible!"
"Your labwork from January shows no sign of Myeloma."
But he wants a bone survey, bone density test and 24-hour urine study. And I reminded him that it's time for my annual mammogram. So the appointments were made for those things, as well as for a port flush in six weeks and another visit with him in three months.

That night, in one of my wakeful periods, I thought about that bone density test. I knew the last one I had was in my family doctor's office at about the time that her mother got very ill and she went to upstate NY to care for her, but I couldn't remember whether that was last year of the year before. The last report Dr W had was from March 2011, but that time of year didn't seem right. Yesterday morning, I checked my 2012 calendar, and found 'bone density' noted on August 8. So, on my way to Metropolis yesterday to play with Brady while Alyssa took Lexi to the doctor (she has strep throat), I stopped at the Cancer Group and told them about my find. They checked with Dr Pat's office - the report from that test had not been sent to Dr W. So all I will need to have done on Wednesday is the bone survey (about three dozen x-rays of every bone in my body!)

After I left Alyssa's, I drove home through Mayfield (adds about 15 miles), stopping at the drug store to get a refill on my blood pressure medication, and at the hospital to pick up the jug for the urine collection and to pre-register for the mammogram. (Is it strange to have some things done in Mayfield and some in Paducah?)

Today has been an almost complete waste, although I did get one load of laundry done. I have wasted a good bit of time taking trivia quizzes about Kentucky, Minnesota and New Jersey. I did lousy on the Minnesota ones, but then I was only 10 1/2 when we left there. I did so-so on the New Jersey ones (I lived there for 28 years), but very well on the Kentucky ones (I did take Kentucky state history in 7th or 8th grade, after all), except for two that were about Louisville. 

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