Thursday, July 11, 2013

I haven't fallen off the planet, really.

I've just been busy with the normal things.
A little bit of knitting:
Round dishcloths. While working on the one on the left, I let Brady play with the ball of yarn:

He had fun, and I was able to untangle it without too much trouble. Of course at 9 months, everything goes into the mouth, so some of it was a bit wet when I was knitting it.

Then I decided to use the same short-rowing technique to knit a baby blanket:
It's 31 inches across. I used a size 7 needle; I wish I had used a 9, which would have made it drapier (not really a word, but you know what I mean).

I've also knit dresses for the great-granddaughters' American Girl dolls.I should do more of those.

And I've been working on 'miniature rugs' for the Walk through Bethlehem in December. My goal is 500, and I have 367 off the loom, 37 of which need to be zig-zag stitched across the ends. I'm about halfway through the warp that is on the loom now, and I figure three more 8-yard warps will put me over my goal. I'm using a variety of 'stuff' in weaving these 'rugs', and have spent a good deal of time on the front porch preparing the stuff for weaving both the miniatures and the bigger rugs I will weave during the event in December. When I sit out there, I can enjoy my crepe myrtle and my daylilies.

Most days the weather has been very good. I have not turned on the A/C yet - just have windows open and ceiling fans running - my kind of summer.

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