Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring is here?

Maybe, finally.

The daffodils were two weeks late, but are blooming profusely now. I walked around my property today and saw more than I thought I had. There are also more crocuses than I knew about - only half a dozen, but that's more than I had noted in prior years. The iris leaves are up in six or eight places, and my one clump of bleeding heart has a lot of leaves (red at this stage) pushing up. The dogwood (1) and redbuds (2) look like they'll bloom in about two weeks, and the white-flowered crab apple has quite a few baby leaves. The lilac also has flower buds on it.

I used my pruning saw today to cut off part of the limb on one pine tree that a couple of small ice storms damaged during the winter. The main part of the limb is too thick for a pruning saw; it needs a chainsaw.


I completed a few projects this month.

The first picture shows the colors well, and the second shows the stitch patterns.

Rectangular, slip-stitch shawl. Sorry it's so blurry.
 Front or right side.
Back or wrong side.

Baptismal blanket for church. I started this back in August, but ran out of yarn about 3/4 of the way through. I kept checking the store where I bought the yarn, but they never had the right color. I finally asked for it and was told that a brighter shade of yellow was the only yellow they carry now. Other stores in the area didn't have it either. My sister found the right color in a different store in Louisville, so I was able to finish the blanket, an have enough to make another one.

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Carmen said...

The description of the budding garden warms me from the inside :)

The stitch pattern you used on the shawl is beautiful and the slip stitch scarf is pretty cool looking - I hope to get to try that stitch :)