Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Knitting

What do you do when you can't get out (at least not without difficulty)?
I knit. Here are the things I've finished so far this month.

Slip stitch shawl, started January 28, finished February 5.

Purple tulips shawl, started January 29, finished February 10.
I started this at the weekly knitting get-together, with yarn I had just picked up from the donated stash at church. When Jan asked what it was going to be, I said, "I think it will be a shawl." Since she is the type of knitter who never starts anything without a pattern in front of her, she couldn't understand that.
The 'tulips' are a modification of a Snowdrop Lace stitch pattern from a Mon Tricot stitch dictionary.

Baptismal blanket for a baby who will be baptised at my church. I've been making these for a few years. Most of the symbols I use are from my own charts. I have two more on the needles now. I started this one on January 31 and finished it February 13.

Slip Stitch scarf, started February 13, finished February 14. The colors are actually somewhere between those in the two pictures.
I don't know why Lexi has her eyes crossed - silly kid - oh, well, she's beautiful anyway.
I think I'll make a scarf like this in black and white and a bit longer, for someone taller (Lexi's not quite 13 and still rather short).

Yellow Tulips scarf, started February 14, finished February 15. The same tulip pattern as in the shawl.
I'm considering a shawl using three shades of yellow, with seven or eight rows of tulips.

Of course, I currently have several other projects on the needles.

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Barbara said...

Love all your February knitting projects! I also enjoyed seeing your beautiful shawl on Knitting Paradise.