Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Day

I had a lovely day today. I went to The Ice House in Mayfield, as I usually do on Tuesday. Mary and Brandie (mother and daughter) came and we knitted and talked for a while. Then they asked if I wanted to join them on a trip to Paducah to do some errands. We went to Hobby Lobby where I bought a 5" needle to weave with on my 4" Weave-it looms (somehow I have lost one of the looms, as well as a needle to weave with). They each bought some things, but Mary didn't find the main thing she was looking for, so we went to Michael's. They didn't have what she wanted either, but Brandie bought something. After that, we went to Home Depot for a piece of wood for Mary's husband to make little looms for Brandie's daughters.

We went through the drive-through at Wendy's for hamburgers and fries, which we ate as we traveled back to Mayfield.

Then I went to the library to return books and check out more. I ran into a friend (and neighbor - she lives about a mile down the road from me), so we talked for a few minutes.

Since I got home, I haven't done anything constructive - just played on the computer. I should shut it down and knit a few rows before I get in bed to start one of the books I got today.

I'll be back in Paducah again tomorrow to talk to my insurance agent, return books to that library, go to church and then meet some knitting friends at Panera.

That will be all of my socializing for this week; then I'll stay home for a few days to do laundry and knit and read. Sounds like a boring life, doesn't it? But it suits me.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great life to me!


Christa said...

The beautiful things you make (mostly knit) ... and so fast .... should make you really proud! What a gift. And so much for charity. You are doing great!