Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Four months of knitting

My brother reminded me this morning that I haven't posted here in a coon's age, so I promised him I'd remedy that when I got home from my regular Wednesday activities of church and knitting. So here goes:

First up, the baby surprise jacket I showed the beginning of in my last post. You didn't expect it to look like this, did you?

Next some shawls:

I took most of these to church today to be blessed and given to people who need a reminder that they are not alone in their illness or bereavement.

Then there is this little thing that was supposed to be a shawl, but I didn't enjoy knitting the pattern, so I bound off and called it a scarf. When I asked Lexi how she would wear it, she immediately put it on her head and tied it at the nape of her neck under her hair. Yes, that hair is green!

There have been scarves . . .

And hats
Well only one. Actually there is another one, but it needs its own story.

Also baby blankets
Really, there were six, four of them christening/baptismal blankets to be given to babies baptised at my church. I guess I haven't taken pictures of everything, This one with the hearts will go to the Hope (pregnancy resource) Center in Mayfield, as will the baby sweaters.

The hats and scarves will go to other charitable organizations in the fall. I'll probably add to their number before then. Small items are good for summer knitting.

Now for the other hat. At the end of April, I demonstrated spinning at Sedalia Elementary School, as part of a 'Heritage Day' - 16 groups in four hours. By the last couple of groups, I couldn't remember if I had shown then how to use hand carders to prepare the wool, or how to spin on a drop spindle. I told some of the groups that I would knit a hat with the yarn, and would give it to the music teacher to show them. (I figure she sees all of the classes.) The next day, I plied the brown/red/white singles I spun at the school with a solid brown singles I had spun previously, and then knit the hat.
After the Heritage Day activities were over, the Drama Club put on two short plays, which I HAD to stay for - my 10 1/2-year-old great-granddughter Rose was Snow White in one of them. The kids did a good job. Drama students from Murray State University go to the school to work with the kids. I think that's a great experience for both age groups.

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