Thursday, January 28, 2016

Still knitting

I finished a blanket for a friend's grandson. She had made a little sketch of what she wanted in the center panel of the blanket months ago. I got that part done, but had to wait until the baby was born to finish the borders. They contain the baby's name in shadow/illusion knitting, and the parents didn't want to know the baby's sex until it was born. It's a boy.

I've also done several hats.

Actually, I did two of the purple ones. I think I'll make more of the ones with the flap to keep the neck warm. All except the purple one are in yarn heavier than I usually use. For some reason (mostly good sales) I've bought quite a few skeins of bulky yarn recently. I guess I'll use it all hats for charity.

And there have been some shawls, too.

I had to start replenishing my supply of them, after taking the five I had on hand to church to be used as prayer shawls. My great-grandchildren will expect me to have some for them to give to teachers in May, and the church may need more. My sister has asked for the blue one. I made it with yarn left over from two infinity scarves I made for my daughter and one of my granddaughters for Christmas, and from the shawl in the top picture. (The actual color of the yarn is somewhere between the top shawl and the outer border of the middle one.) When I took the shawl in the bottom photo to the Lake Area Fiber Artists meeting on Monday, I got one of the others to model it for me. I showed it to other friends yesterday; one of them said it reminded her of a peacock.

And there is one scarf finished so far.
And two baby/toddler sweaters.

Well, I guess I haven't photographed the second one since I finished it. It is a Baby Surprise Jacket, designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It is done in one piece and looks rather strange until it is folded correctly and two shoulder/sleeve seams are sewn. That bright yarn is some that jumped off the shelf into my basket a month or so ago.

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