Saturday, March 25, 2017


Mary and I usually meet at the Art Guild on Tuesdays to knit/crochet and talk. (There used to be more people involved, but others moved, or went back to work, or took on other responsibilities.) At this time of year, Mary is sometimes working as a tax preparer, so can't meet with me. I hadn't heard from her about this week, so on Tuesday morning I texted her: Knitting today?

She replied: No real busy long story how about Thursday I'm off don't think anybody wants me for anything

Me: OK. Where?

Mary: You pick just make it peaceful

Me: I don't know. My house is pretty peaceful.

Mary: Oh yes let me think then I'll give you a time

Me: OK

So she came here for a few hours of knitting/crocheting, talking, and having a nice tossed salad for lunch.

My house IS peaceful with just me and no pets. Her's has five people, two dogs, and I think there are two cats, as well. Even with the granddaughters in school, and her husband and daughter working, it's not very peaceful. I was glad to give her a little break. I don't think either of us got much needlework done, but we did a lot of talking.

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