Thursday, March 9, 2017

Temperature Scarf - month two

I'm only a week late. I think we had the warmest February on record.

On February 16, I had a little mishap. I spent that Wednesday night and most of Thursday at Alyssa's house. When I got home about 9:30 Thursday night, I went into the house, turned on the porch and kitchen lights, put down my purse, and went back out to the car for the other two bags (clothes and knitting, and laptop computer). As I walked back in, my toe caught on the rubber strip on top of the doorstep, and I fell flat on my face. I lay there for a minute, thinking that I would be sore all over next day (I wasn't). Then I turned over and sat up. I scooted down far enough to close the door, then scooted on my rump into the dining room, where I could use a chair to stand up. That's right, this old lady can no longer get up from the floor with help from a chair.

The only think that was hurt (other than my pride) was my left knee. However, with one thing and another, it was two weeks before I had it x-rayed. There was a crack across the kneecap. When my doctor called to tell me that, she said to stay off it as much as possible and definitely don't kneel on it. I told her that I don't even kneel in church any more. It seems to be healing OK - no pain unless I twist it a bit. I'm glad it is my left knee rather than the right one. The right side is where I have an artificial hip, as well as a metal rod in the femur, going up from the knee.

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