Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Family Reunion

My sister Pauline, who went to the family reunion this time, called to say that several of the aunts, uncles, cousins had asked about me. Above is the whole group, and below is the remaining children of Matilda and Ole Lien. Richard is 80 this month, and Florence and Nina are older. Last I heard, Richard was still riding his motorcycle even though his wife doesn't like it.
They had a golf tournament in Saturday, and Sunday afternoon some of the group went out to 'the old home place' for a hayride. It's nice when a farm stays in the family for several generations.
On Monday, Pauline called and said she was in Foxhome (smaller than Milburn) and asked me how to get to the farm our father grew up on. I told her what I thought was right; she said that's where she had been, but it didn't look right. Later she called to say it was the second road off the one to Rothsey; we had thought it was the first one. She had talked to a young man, and he had called his grandmother. Since Grandpa Ross sold the farm after the house burned down in a snowstorm close to 60 years ago, I doubt that it is known as the old Ross place any longer, but he sold it to the people who lived across the little dirt road from him, and that family still is there. Although we 'kids' never knew the people, we've heard the name all our lives, so can ask the locals using that name.


I had the blood test to determine how thin my blood is done this morning when I was in Mayfield, and they've already called me from the cancer group in Paducah to tell me to continue the same schedule of Coumadin that I've been on - that was fast! Since I go to Mayfield every Tuesday, I'll just have that test done there each week. Except next week they'll probably do it at the cancer group when I'm there in Monday.

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