Thursday, August 30, 2007

End of summer

We're still very hot and dry here. No rain for at least two months, I think. I'm glad I don't need to mow, but I'm not sure how much it has damaged crops. The farmers have been harvesting the corn for the last couple of weeks. Some of the fields of soybeans are starting to have yellow patches in them. The sorghum looks OK, but only about half the height it normally is. And I don't know what the tobacco looks like. There is not much of it grown around her nowadays.


Here's the top I made for Alexis recently. Just a simple T-shirt style, but with six stars on it - three each on front and back. Her middle name is Starr. She's gotten very good at drawing a five-pointed star, and often uses it between her first and last names when she writes her name.
Close-up of the star motif worked in double seed stitch.

Tuesday I started another pair of socks for Alexis. I had less than an ounce of the multicolor (the colors don't show very well here), so I divided it into two little balls to make the pair, and used the pink for the ruffle and for the foot after I ran out of the multicolor. I'm almost finished with the second one now. Of course one sock has about an inch more of pink than the other - hope Lexi doesn't care about that. These are made with Bernat Sox Nouveau yarn which is 60% acrylic and 40% nylon. Lexi has mentioned that the wool-blend socks I made for her are itchy, so maybe these will suit her better. She doesn't know one fiber from another, so her report of itchiness has not been influenced by anything she's heard about wool.

At the Lake Area Fiber Artists meeting on Monday, Mary brought some veggies from her garden. I wound up taking the peppers that remained after others had taken what they wanted. Aren't they pretty!?! They're sweet banana peppers. They are now in my freezer.

Among the bounty were also some yellow cherry tomatoes. They are soooooo good! Dominic and I have already eaten all that I brought home. He even cut some of them up and put them on his sandwich.


Nothing new to report here, but since several people have said that if I don't update my blog for several days they worry that I'm sick, I'd better write something. I'm really doing quite well. I've been driving myself for the last week or so. Dominic finally conceded that I can do that. I went to church Sunday for the first time since Easter. My not going was mostly just laziness, and sometimes not getting up in time to go. The late service is at 9:45, and the church is 30 miles away.

It was my right hip that was replaced, and that is the one used in driving my automatic transmission car. The leg does ache a little after I've driven for a while, but I fugure that's just something I need to 'harden' it to. My walking speed is increasing gradually.

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