Friday, August 10, 2007


We finally got some rain, but not enough in my yard to start the grass growing again. That suits me, but I'm sure the farmers are not satisfied. I tried to post this picture yesterday right after I took it, but couldn't get on-line - I guess the storm was worse in other parts of our region. A few minutes after this picture there was a very colorful sunset.

This weekend I'd love to be in Wadena MN, for the Lien Family Reunion (Mother's family). I'd like to be there, but I didn't feel like going there. This is an every-four-years event; I've been to the last three in a row, as well as to others over the years. The first one was in 1958. About 20 years ago, they decided to make it every three years, but then went back to every four years after one time of the three-year interval. The farm that my grandparents bought in 1913 (I think) is still in the family, and everyone will gather there at some time this weekend. Only three of the twelve children of Tilly & Ole are still living, but there are a bunch of us grandchildren and great-grandchildren. My older sister is there to represent our branch of the family. She'll also visit our father's one remaining sibling and some of the cousins on that side.

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