Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Good Day

Last night was Lexi's first night sleeping in the 'new' house, in her own bed, which I'm sure she has missed for the past two months. This morning Alyssa dropped Lexi off a little after 6 am, because she was counting inventory at a Lowes store in Mayfield.

After I put Lexi on the bus, I had a second cup of coffee, did a little housework and crocheting, and then headed to Mayfield about 10 am. It was not the most enjoyable drive ever. In Fancy Farm I got behind someone who drove about 50 mph (certainly better than most of the farm equipment goes, but I like to go a little faster) and thought he should take his half of the road out of the middle. I was afraid if I tried to pass him, I'd wind up in the ditch. The road is rather narrow, and, typical of KY two-lane roads, does not have a shoulder. I was glad when he turned into the driveway of Mills Manor (nursing home) just on the edge of Mayfield.

I didn't need to go to the library, because I'm only on the third of the four books I checked out last week. Instead, I went to the Senior Citizens Center. I haven't gone there many times since I retired as the bookkeeper there almost two years ago. I got a lot of hugs, answered a lot of questions, and was glad to see some unfamiliar faces, too. When I went back to the director's office to say hello, she told me that someone had recently brought in a bag of crochet cotton, and asked if I wanted it. Of course! They are always collecting stuff for their semi-annual rummage sales, now collecting it in the room across (that's one of the simple words that always throws me - does it have one c or two?) from her office. I went in and found that it was a large trash bag and it was full; there was quite a bit of acrylic knitting yarn under the crochet cotton. I dragged the bag while I was in the building, but managed to lift it up a couple of inches when I carried it across the parking lot. Pam said some of the others wanted to throw the stuff out, but she wouldn't let them, figuring I'd show up sometime. I gave Tamy, the receptionist a donation for the rummage sale. I also told her I'm still working on her daughter's crocheted bedspread.

When I got to the Art Guild about 11:15, none of the other knitters were there, but Jo came not long after, then Shirley, and finally Mary Owen dropped by just to say hello. She didn't have any knitting with her; she had errands to run. She did take some of the yarn, though, as did Jo and Shirley. Mary Owen and Jo insisted on giving me some money, but I put that in the Art Guild donation box. We also left some of the yarn and thread there for others of the knitters to take later, and I brought home only yarn that I figured I could use for scarves or watchcaps for the Seamen's Church Institute, and some crochet cotton I have a project in mind for after I finish the bedspread. It looks nice, doesn't it?

I got home a little before three, and wondered if Alyssa would be coming to meet Lexi's bus. I didn't have long to wait. She called to say she was close to home, but was behind someone who was driving in the middle of the road. This was a truck, so it wasn't the one who annoyed me this morning. At 3:15, I went out and stood near the top of the driveway. I figured if the bus driver could see me, he wouldn't feel uneasy about letting a little one off the bus. Alyssa pulled up right behind him, but Lexi didn't see her. When she realized someone was pulling into the driveway behind her, she started running, without looking back to see who it was. I yelled, "Lexi, it's Mommy," twice before she realized what I was saying. They came into the house, and I told Alyssa what I planned to cook for supper. She said that sounded good, so they just stayed here. Alyssa is delivering Domino's pizzas tonight, so Lexi is sleeping here. but Alyssa called a little while ago and said she'd try to get up and come over in the morning to see Lexi before she gets on the bus. If she doesn't make it (she probably won't get home until after 2 am), she'll be over later to do laundry.

After Lexi read aloud to me what she had to for school (she doesn't call the reading homework), she wanted me to read to her. We've been reading from a book of short Paul Bunyan stories. She only wanted two or three of them, and then wanted some other book. I figured it was the perfect time to read How I Saved Hanukah by Amy Goldman Koss. As we were reading, she wanted to light the menorah. I'm Christian, but I like menorahs; I have four, two of which are Hanukkah ones. So I put one on the table and lit the shammes, then Lexi lit one candle for the first night from it. She had her 'bed night snack' while I continued to read the book. I also read it while she took her bath. She's in bed now, of course, and it's nice and quiet.


Yesterday was my monthly visit to the oncologist. The ratio of my kappa and lambda lightchains (that has something to do with proteins in the blood. but you'll have to Google it to find out more) continues to fluctuate, so she's talking of a possible change in therapy, maybe including a bone marrow transplant using my own bone marrow. For the time being, I'm still on Thalidomide and Dexamethasone.

This has gotten longer than I intended, and it's past my normal bedtime, so I'm going to post it and go to bed.

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