Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Move

Yesterday, Alyssa signed the six-month lease and paid the deposit and first month's rent on this house, and moved several boxes of things in. She wants to get everything moved out of the storage building tomorrow, so she doesn't have to pay any more rent on it. She's gone today to pay the deposit at the electric company, among other things. She has a couple of friends lined up to help move the big stuff. One of them has a truck, which is a big help. One of my friends offered the use of her truck, as well, but one is sufficient. The storage building is about a quarter mile from the house, and the shed in my back yard, where there are a few things of Alyssa's, is only three quarters of a mile from it.

After Lexi got off the bus yesterday, Alyssa took her to the house. Lexi's first reaction was that it's small. But when she got inside, she decided that it's pretty big. I think it will work very nicely for them. Lexi will continue to get on and off the school bus at my house. She'll often be sleeping here because of Alyssa's work schedule.

Although it is also in Milburn, the address is Arlington; mine is Bardwell. Strange, isn't it?

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