Friday, February 8, 2008

More weather stuff

I've just spent about an hour outside. It's a nice day so far. The temperature is in the mid-forties and the sun is showing sporadically. I took the paper trash out to burn and then walked around picking up some of the twigs that were blown down the other night. I think Lexi and I will have to walk around with the wheel barrow and do more of that. I discovered that a couple of large limbs fell from the locust trees at the back of my lot and landed beside the water tower. I wonder if Mr. Guhy of the water department will get them moved or if he'll expect me to since they're from my trees.

Walking down the driveway this morning to meet the school bus, I noticed that the daffodil foliage on the south-facing bank is up about two inches - spring is on its way! I wasn't able to do much gardening last year, but should be able to this year. I hope to teach Alexis to identify some plants, and get her started as a gardener.

There's a flood warning for the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers in this area. I'm at least 15 miles from the rivers, so it doesn't really affect me - I wasn't planning to go near the rivers anyway. Alyssa is working in Cairo IL today, though, so it could affect her. However, they've raised the main roads which she will be using in recent years, so she should be OK, but I'm sure she'll see a lot of flooded fields.

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