Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We had a windy night

You expect to see things like this after a bit of wind - plastic buckets and watering cans, a plastic child's table (the table is plastic, not the child) which landed about thirty feet from where it had been and its legs fell off. The trash cans were blown around - yesterday was trash day, so they were empty. But I didn't expect to see a large wooden cabinet/wordrobe blown away from the back porch wall and lying on its face.

And this was the view from my front porch. This picture is too dark to see much. It looks better/worse from the other side and an hour or so later in the day. The tree was too close to the house in my opinion. I'd always wondered why someone had planted it there. It was twenty to twenty-five feet tall and only about ten feet from the corner of the front porch.

I knew it was raining when I went to bed Tuesday night, but the wind did not wake me during the night. The rain was heavy enough to rearrange the ruts in the driveway. The next driveway over was blocked by limbs that fell from a couple of dying trees beside it. That is being cleaned up now. I wonder if the trees will be cut down. They're very tall, so will probably require professional tree service. I think I'll just let my tree lie there for the rest of the winter and dry out. Then I'll gradually cut it up and burn it in my burn barrel. I'll have a fairly large hole to fill in; Lexi told me she can help with that. I do have some dirt in the back yard that I want to move, so we'll use that to fill in the hole. A couple of years ago I bought a short-handled spade - the kind meant to be carried in the trunk of the car to dig oneself out of a snowbank. It's Lexi-size.


I started this post yesterday, but a momentary power failure cut the computer off, and I decided not to turn it back on. There were several of those little power failures during the day. Today is gray, but the wind has died.

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