Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coffee on the Front Porch

When I sent Lexi down the hill to meet the school bus this morning, I took my coffee and knitting out to the swing on the front porch. I got two rows (32 stitches each) done before the bus came. Sitting there, I recalled a day about fifteen years ago when I mentioned at work that I'd had my coffee and toast on the front porch. One of my co-workers said she was jealous. Adeline was a twenty-something single mother of a three-year-old boy. I told her that her time would come - I had been where she was, but with two kids to get ready for school (nursery or elementary). I hope Adeline is now having her morning coffee on her front porch.

Lexi has been doing things in miniature recently. She made a birthday card for me that is 1 1/4 by 2 inches. She used a marker to color the outside orange, which one of my favorite colors. On the front she wrote Adele and drew a balloon. The inside simply says Happy Birthday. To give you and idea of the size of this couple sitting on a cloud, the cloud is one cotton ball with a toothpick run through it. She is so creative sometimes!

The tie-dyed shirt she's wearing in the other picture came from school. I think she selected the colors and the order of them on the rubber banded bundle, but the teacher did the rest. She brought it home Friday in a ziplock bag with instructions to rinse it in cold water, first with the rubber bands on and then with them off, then to wash it by itself. The kids were to wear the shirts on Monday for a group picture - Lexi said all except one girl remembered to wear them.

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