Thursday, May 15, 2008

Powdered Sugar Donuts

Sunday was the annual Pentecost picnic at church. It was held inside this year because it was chilly and damp ouyside. The leftover donuts from the coffee hour between the early and late services were put on the dessert table, and Lexi and her friend Franny shared one. They thought it was very funny to get powdered sugar all around their mouths. Of course, there was also powdered sugar on the floor beneath their chairs, as well as crumbs from the Doritos they ate. I apologized to the sexton who would be cleaning it up.

Alyssa and Lexi are completely moved in here now, but there is still some organizing to be done. A bunch of their stuff is stored in one of my sheds, and Alyssa has set aside some things to put in a yard sale that her boyfriend's mother and aunt are having soon.

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