Tuesday, October 28, 2008


That stands for Lake Area Fiber Artists. I spend a lovely three hours or so with the group yesterday. The meeting was at the Janice Mason Art Museum in Cadiz - about 70 miles from here. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the drive, except for the bridges over Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. Those bridges are narrow. They are widening the road, so I think they will be building new bridges in the next few years.

I was part of LAFA (the group didn't have a name then) for the first couple of years I was in western Kentucky, but had to drop out when I went to work full-time. Now that I'm retired, I'm back in it, but have missed many of the meetings for various reasons. It's an informal group that usually meets in people's homes. There were about a dozen of us yesterday. We were all working on various fiber projects; I was knitting, of course, but others were quilting, doing bobbin lace, or other things. And of course we talked about all sorts of things, fiber related or not.

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