Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Autumn Colors

The wonderful red-orange of nandino berries.
The red of dogwood leaves.

Bright yellow of my neighbor's maple tree. The neighbor on the other side has a huge one also.

The cherry-size crabapples of my young flowering crabapple tree. Lexi and I each bit into one a couple of days ago, and decided they're not meant for people. I already knew that, but I figured she should learn it for herself.
Last week I finally started cutting up the tree that blew down in my front yard in February. It's soft wood and not very big, so I'm having no trouble cutting it with a pruning saw. The hardest part is dragging the pieces to the back, near the burn barrel. I will eventually burn it all and put the ashes into one of the unplanted quadrants of the herb garden.
Since Lexi did not have school today, she wanted to go with Alyssa and me when we voted. Alyssa has not yet changed her voter registration, so she came out here to vote. One of the things I like about living in a tiny town is not having to wait in a line to vote. There was no one ahead of us today; there has never been more than two people in front of me here. Even in a small town like Mayfield (ten or twelve thousand) there were always a dozen or more.

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