Monday, January 19, 2009

MRI. etc

Wow, it's been twn day since I posted last.

I spent three hours in the Radiology Department at Jackson Purchase Medical Center this morning. First they did an MRI of my spine from top to bottom. Then they injected a 'contrast' and redid the MRI from bottom to top. From there, they took me to another room and did a 'bone survey' - about three dozen x-rays. I think they x-rayed everything except my hands and feet. For one, I even had to open my mouth wide. No, they weren't x-raying my teeth - just the top of my spine, I think. They did this whole series two years ago, too, but this is the first MRI I've ever had.

I had to set my alarm and get up in the dark because my appointment was for 7:45. I'm not used to doing that any more. Even if I wake up before daylight, I usually wait until it arrives before I get up. Retirement does have it's advantages.

Lexi spent the weekend with me. Since today was a school holiday, she stayed last night as well, and I took her home on my way to the hospital this morning. Yesterday, a loose tooth was bothering her, so I told her that if she just wiggled and twisted it a little it might come out. It did, and she started asking a lot of questions about the tooth fairy. I gave her an envelope to put the tooth in, and told her she could take it home and put it under her pillow tonight. I didn't want to deal with it last night. She was afraid that would confuse the tooth fairy. The older I get, the wiser I think Mother was to not let us believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus and other such mythical persons!

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Anonymous said...

Another example of you and Pauline having different parents than I had. I did believe in Santa until I was about six when Jimmy told me he wasn't real. I seem to remember Momma being upset with him at the time. I don't remember if I believed in the tooth fairy or not.